3 Proven Ways to Get More Positive Reviews on Google

Reviews on Google
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Positive reviews are a powerful ranking factor for Google, which is why getting a solid set of them is important.

Fortunately, there are several proven ways to increase the number of Google business reviews you receive. Keep reading to learn 3 of the most effective.

Make it Easy for Customers to Leave a Review

Getting more positive reviews on Google is one of the best-proven ways to improve your business’s reputation. Get more positive Google reviews to help boost your SEO, increase the number of customers you reach, and drive sales.

Making it easy for customers to leave a review is critical for improving the quality of your Google reviews and increasing your business’s online visibility. This is especially true for businesses that sell products and services online.

You can also use your marketing kit to generate printable posters, social posts, and other collateral that encourages customers to leave a review after they purchase your products or services. These materials can be printed or used as handouts at your business and in-store to get customers talking about you on Google.

In addition to sending review request emails directly to customers, you can also use automated messaging tools that send review requests to customers as part of their customer service or delivery communications. This way, you can keep your customer service and delivery communication consistent and ensure that customers get your review requests when they need them most.

If you have a customer who leaves a negative or false review on Google, contact them immediately to explain your policies and request that they remove the review. Doing this will not only help your business to be a better place, but it will also help you maintain the reputation you have worked so hard to build.

Ask for Reviews

Getting more positive reviews on Google is one of the best ways to build your business and boost your brand. It’s also easy to improve your SEO and increase your visibility in search results.

But not everyone will leave a review, so it’s important to know how to ask for reviews correctly. Here are some tips to get more positive reviews on Google:

1. Send an email to your list of customers once a year or once they’ve reached a spending threshold.

In addition to sending an email, you can ask your customers to leave reviews on Google by posting a link to them in your social media bio or your company website. This will encourage new and existing customers to share their experiences with others considering doing business with you.

2. Use a review link pop-up on your website

If you’re an online business, adding a pop-up to your site that asks for a Google review after a customer makes a purchase is an excellent strategy for getting more reviews. Many customers are inspired to buy from your business after reading a positive review about your business, so this is an effective way to ask for reviews without asking directly.

3. Don’t ask for a review until a customer is happy with their experience

A recent study found that it takes 40 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative review. So if you want more reviews, it’s best to ask for them after your customers are happy with their experience and you’ve done a good job.

Respond to Reviews

When customers leave Google reviews, business owners need to respond. This is because Google reviews are one of the most influential ranking factors for local businesses and can influence prospective customers’ decisions to purchase a product or service from your business.

Replying to reviews quickly and proactively is one of the most proven ways to get more positive reviews on Google. It also shows potential customers that you value feedback and are actively trying to improve your business.

Moreover, it helps establish brand trust and an online community that you can tap into to grow your customer base. Ultimately, it increases your chances of success and boosts your bottom line.

The key to responding effectively is being polite and empathetic, which will help you maintain good relationships with your customers. You can do this by making it easy for them to contact you and offering a great customer experience that encourages them to share their experiences with their friends.

Another key factor in responding quickly to reviews is ensuring your response is personalized for each reviewer. Using their name in your reply will let them know that you are paying attention to their feedback and appreciate the time they took to write the review.

While you may not be able to delete negative reviews, responding fast and proactively can allow you to resolve the customer’s issue. This will help them feel repaid for their time and effort and strengthen your brand reputation.

If you cannot respond to reviews, you can use an app like Hibu or a professional reputation management agency service. These services can help you get more reviews and respond to them within seconds, which is a major plus for any small business owner.


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