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5 Best Gadgets for Overlanders

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When you go overlanding, you already know what to expect: you will be away from home for weeks, having to deal with things like camping, securing food, energy, and making sure you also get to enjoy the journey. But in order to make the trip a good one, you must bring the right gadgets with you. Some people take their laptops with them to be able to work, while others value other gadgets like GPS.

There are many things that can make your overlanding trip better, comfier, and more secure. So, if you’re about to go overlanding soon and you’re currently preparing for the journey, you should make sure you have the best gadgets available. In this post, you will learn what devices could make your trip complete.

  • Bad Elf GPS

You cannot ignore the importance of a GPS when you go overlanding. You’re about to explore foreign places, and it’s easy to get lost if you don’t know what direction you should be heading in. Unless you have a good navigation device or a map, you risk leaving the route you were initially planning to follow.

Bad Elf is a brand with a great reputation, mainly due to how good they are at manufacturing outstanding GPS devices. The Bad Elf GPS Pro is especially useful for overlanders. If you need a GPS in areas where cell phone reception is little to none, this device can help you find good locations whether it’s for camping, exploration, or anything of the sort.

Also, the GPS can offer you information on your current location. It also allows you to use your tablet or smartphone so you can navigate using the offline maps you have. Not to mention that your online journal can always be updated if you use a Bad Elf GPS.

The Bad Elf Pro GPS is a pocket-sized device that can be connected through Bluetooth, and it can be linked to 5 devices at the same time. It is compatible with both Android and iOS gadgets, and you can even connect it to Windows OS devices.

So, if you want to make sure you are going in the right direction (literally), you should consider a Bad Elf GPS.

  • CB Radio

During overlanding journeys, you may come face to face with different issues. After all, you’ll be going into the unknown, and you may need to talk to others to find solutions. This is especially useful if you get in trouble. You must let others know that you are injured or you are in danger and need some help.

CB radios are ideal for this. They are used by truck drivers, but overlanders have also taken advantage of them. Phones don’t always have the best signal, especially if you’re going off the grid more often to explore remote areas. You will need a different device to make sure you can reach out to people or help others yourself, and a CB radio is the perfect gadget for that.

  • LED Flashlight

Most likely, you’ll be camping in several spots while overlanding, and in some cases, you may have to be active during the night too. But how are you going to see what you’re doing in that darkness?

Having a LED flashlight is what is going to help you. LED flashlights let you see in the dark, and they can be great if you need to do something on the campsite at night. Ideally, you should have a rechargeable LED flashlight, so you’ll always have it working at full capacity wherever you are.

  • iPad Mini

An iPad mini may not seem like something you need while overlanding, but it can come in handy for many purposes. It allows you to get access to information that can help you while exploring certain areas, or you may look for answers to different questions or solutions to various issues you may be dealing with.

At the same time, an iPad mini is great if you purchase a Bad Elf GPS. You can connect the GPS to the iPad and share the GPS information. It is also great if you want to use it together with your smartphone.

  • GoPro

Recording your adventure may not be the purpose of your overlanding journey but doing so can certainly let you capture some valuable moments. A GoPro is great for this. GoPro cameras are amazing, as not only do they capture high-quality images, but they are also sturdy and waterproof. If you want to film anything for a vlog or simply to have it as a memory, GoPro cameras are your best bet.

Final Thoughts

You cannot go overlanding without bringing the right devices with you. So, if you want the journey to be complete, make sure you have these 5 gadgets along for extra security and entertainment.

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