5 Clever Methods for choosing a Brand Name

There has been no better time to make a fresh start and use your ingenuity to begin a new brand or business.  Currently, conditions are right to consider starting your own business. You may already have a vague idea of what service or product you want to sell and what type of business empire want to build.  However, one of the first steps to any new endeavor, and one that many people get stuck on, is deciding on a brand name.  

1. Outsource

There is no need to spend hours brainstorming to come up with a great name.  With a few keywords, Namify, a Brand Name Generator, can do the work for you. Their free name generating service will provide a long list of possible brand names, allowing you to move on to the next item on your list of things to do.

2. Use Your Own Name

Using your own name for your business is a popular trend at the moment, with many starting their small businesses or websites without much thought. Remember though, if your ultimate goal is developing a business with the goal of selling it sometime in the future, you may want to steer away from using your own name.  In addition, if you have a common name, this option may not be available to you.

3. Base Your Brand on a Location

Another way to choose a brand name is by basing it on location.  This can be the location of your hometown, or a name with a certain cache — think LA Gear, New York Fries, or Hawaiian Tropic.  All of these place names evoke a specific tone or feeling that might resonate with potential customers.  

One possible issue with this route is that if your business expands beyond your locale, consumers may become confused about what areas your business services.  For example, if you name your business Florida Plumbing, but your service area is the lower 48 states, customers might not think you operate in their area.

4. Special Considerations for Professionals

If you are a professional, there may be special naming conventions and restrictions that apply to your brand.   This can include companies and brands run by many licensed professionals so make sure you check your state laws to determine what, if any, extra regulations may apply to your specific situation.

5. Unique and Memorable

Wanting to have a brand name that is unique and grabs your customers’ attention is an easy concept to understand, but actually coming up with one is a lot more difficult.  This is where a name generator, such as those offered by Namify, can come in handy.  By doing much of the brainstorming for you based on keywords provided by you, Namify will provide many relevant options at the click of a button.


Yes, brand and business names are critical but don’t spend too much time considering this step.  Services such as Namify exist in order to help you figure out a name to allow you to quickly move on to more important tasks.  A name generator can save you time, and help take your brand to the next level.



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