7 Tips for Evaluating the Best Florida Website Design and Digital Marketing Companies

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Written by prodigitalweb

Marketing your business in 2020 requires much more than just mailing out advertising fliers. Today’s customers search for services online from their smartphone or computer. They look for a business that appears at the top of an internet search, has good customer reviews and lists interesting information.

Evaluate your website and marketing needs with a consultation from an interactive agency. Zgraph is Daytona Beach web design company offering complete website and digital marketing services. They have locations in Daytona Beach, Orlando, Miami and Atlanta. Zgraph offers everything you need to promote your company brand, design your website and provide ongoing support and training. Focus on your business instead of troubleshooting website problems or creating marketing articles.

1. Look for a Turn-Key Solution Provider

Unless you have a large staff, you need an outside web marketing company that understands your business needs. Look for a partner with expertise in these areas:

  • Web Design & Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Email Generation
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Written and Graphical Content

2. Look for an Experienced Website Builder

Your website reflects your business brand. Ask the website company for sample work showcasing your industry. Look for appealing pictures and text that appeal to customers like yours. Request a written quote for all services. An itemized quote listing the service type and coverage is ideal.

A robust website requires expert engineering design, maintenance and support. Decide who will manage the internet provider. Evaluate your need for processing payments and sharing documents online. Think about training your staff for simple updates, such as calendar maintenance.

Zgraph specializes in the building websites for the real estate, professional services, government and community agencies, arts and entertainment, retail, construction, travel and manufacturing industries.

3. Look for a Professional Email Marketer

Regular emails to your customers remind them of your services and promote trust. Your customers may forward an email to an interested friend or save educational information on their computer. Establish the reputation of your business with monthly employee or new customers profiles in an email.

Ask a web design company about automating the email process. Consider establishing a calendar that incorporates seasonal events and articles from your website or social media posts. Check for email support from your website builder. Do you need 24/7 coverage or only during business hours?

4. Look for a Skilled SEO Expert

Think about how your customers search for your services online. A search engine optimization expert uses specialized tools to identify popular keywords. Ask your digital marketing company to show examples of successful webpages with optimized search terms. Think about training an employee for this skill.

An effective SEO expert optimizes your website for yearly and seasonal searching. They consider local and regional keywords to target customers in your service area. This powerful and dynamic process can increase customer interest in your business.

5. Look for a Savvy Social Media Specialist

Potential customers look for excellent customer reviews on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. They want to read about customer success stories and see photos of your company. Consider paying for social media promotion only for the start-up period.

A social media specialist understands the importance of attracting customers and responding to negative reviews. Ask for expertise in promotions, fundraising, contests or other activities for your company.

6. Look for a Knowledgeable Content Producer

Posting educational and entertaining content on your website increases opportunities for customers to find your business online. Optimizing your website for organic keyword searches limits the need for paid search advertising. Captivating content generates buzz about your business, especially if it is shared online.

A knowledgeable content producer understands your business and customers. They identify the appropriateness of technical, graphical and written content. Evergreen content can be incorporated in a social media blog post, website blog, email blast and more.

7. Look for an Expert Paid Search Advertiser

Internet search engine results pages (SERPs) from Internet browsers like Google constantly crawl internet pages for information. They rank webpages based on the searches. You want your website to appear on the first page of results. A paid search campaign can increase your website ranking even if it appears like an ad.

Paid search experts understand the costs and benefits of a promotional campaign. They understand the best time to initiate a campaign and how to evaluate the results.

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