8 Benefits of Co-Browsing for Your Company

8 Benefits of Co-Browsing for Your Company
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Ensuring a consistent customer experience is a powerful way for a brand to sustain an audience. Sustaining customer engagement demands a consistency of thought, purpose, and action over an extended period. Co-browsing, also known as collaborative browsing, is a solution and sophisticated tool you can use to deliver an improved customer experience. It enables customer support and sales teams to cooperate with customer browsers in real-time.

Using co-browsing, you can interactively engage with customers while giving them an in-person experience throughout the process. It enables you to deliver a quick, unique and personalized customer experience, increasing revenue and conversion rates. Discussed below are eight benefits of co-browsing for your company.

  1. Increases customer satisfaction

Thanks to co-browsing, consumers don’t have to explain their issues to agents for them to troubleshoot. They don’t even need to try resolving the problems themselves. All the customers need to do is log into the account through a co-browser, then share the co-browser with customer support or a sales agent to fix the issues. Co-browsing can significantly lower resolution time, mainly when used with other omnichannel tools, including live chat or video chat.

  1. Promotes interactive customer engagement

Since the co-browsing solution doesn’t require any installs or downloads, it helps you connect with your customers instantly to answer their queries and offer clarifications where necessary. Using screen sharing, live chat, or video chat, you can offer your customers a good co-browsing experience. To better engage your customers, consider using the highlighting, drawing, and scrolling tools on customer screens to give explanations during the co-browsing sessions.

You can strengthen the interaction by offering better product demos, educating new users, and answering them in real-time. Moreover, your customers will feel more engaged when interacting with customer support or a sales team that can provide them with personalized help. Co-browsing lets your agents customize their feedback and advice to suit each customer’s specific needs.

  1. Increases revenue

Co-browsing gives your sales and customer support agents a real-time look into the customer’s browser tab to guide them in navigating your website and supporting them through the buying process. Assisting customers through these processes leads to improved conversion rates and consequently more revenue per call. Co-browsing lessens call-handling time. It boosts agent utilization and reduces costs. Since agents can have a real-time look into a customer’s screen, it’s easier to help more of them remotely, increasing productivity. This positively impacts the company’s bottom line, increasing revenue.

  1. Improves conversion rates

Co-browsing allows sales teams to directly guide potential customers through the sign-up process, improving the likelihood of closing a sale and encouraging repeat sales. As customers run into fewer issues, the chances of dropping off and cart abandonment reduce, meaning more significant customer satisfaction, which results in them responding to your call-to-action with higher frequency. This translates to better conversion rates.

  1. Increases customer retention

Customer retention is usually dependent on trust developed via effective, convenient customer-to-brand exchange. Visual customer experience can develop confidence and a mutual connection between your customer and your brand. Customers will keep coming back if they know what to expect and that it can be trusted. Combining co-browsing with video and live chat ensures immediate resolutions that reduce the total response time and improve customer engagement. If customers are satisfied with your services, they’ll retain your brand and attract more customers.

  1. Ensures quick customer onboarding

Onboarding customers is a vital aspect of each business. Superior products will fail if your customer support or sales team isn’t prompt enough. You could lose potential customers if you seem complex to your customers during the onboarding process. Using the co-browsing solution in your customer onboarding process guides your customers when taking product actions or demos, assists customers in finishing the setup process if they can’t manage it, and saves time by ensuring meaningful and crisp conversations.

  1. Shortens the sales cycle

Customers can easily switch from your site to a competitor’s website to seek better deals, services, prices, or solutions to their issues. A modern customer journey involves several touchpoints on different channels, including web chat, telephone, and websites. Co-browsing combines these channels into one, meaning sales teams can intelligently respond to queries, understand the context of customer inquiry, and guide them to the correct information. Essentially, co-browsing keeps customers within your site until their journey ends.

  1. Increases customer loyalty

Customers are loyal to brands that satisfy their needs and solve their problems in record time. Using real-time engagement tools such as the co-browsing software, you can meet your customer’s expectations and improve satisfaction. This can help you retain existing customers, gain new ones and increase business performance.


Collaborative browsing is a crucial tool that can help you better your customer experience. Consider trying co-browsing today for your company to enjoy these benefits.

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