Benefits of 2d Motion Graphic Design & How to Choose Designers for It

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Creating a consistent brand and a consistent experience for your new and existing users is all possible through graphic design. Marketing is, of course, the department in which you’ll need to invest in the most if you want to build your brand and become successful on this market, and graphic design is one rather important part of it. Naturally, this part of your marketing efforts can be further divided into different types, including the motion graphic design. If you don’t know why you need graphic design, you can learn more about that here.

Of course, further divisions are in order, and that is why we can today also talk about the 2d motion graphic design. Not knowing what it is will also lead to you not knowing how you can benefit from it, meaning you may miss out on a great technique that could really do wonders for your company. That’s why this has to change, and you need to learn what this concept actually entails, as well as what its benefits are, after which you’ll proceed towards choosing the right designer for you.

What Is 2D Motion Graphic Design?

Starting with the very basics, let me first explain this particular concept. If you’re a marketer, you’re most likely familiar with this already, even though the actual name will sound a bit complicated to everyone who’s not a designer. Basically, 2d motion graphic design combines those traditional designing concepts with animations and audio components, aiming at bringing those objects, including text and images, to life, so to speak. By bringing movement to still objects, this particular concept allows them to quickly become the main visual aids in your branding efforts.

What Are the Benefits of It?

You get what this particular strategy entails, meaning you now want to learn how you can benefit from it. Numerous advantages come with using this concept to your advantage, and I’m sure you’ll love the results you’ll get after incorporating it in your marketing campaigns and strategies. People find moving objects more appealing than still one, which is precisely why you can benefit from doing that, i.e. adding 2d motion graphic design to your campaigns. And, let me now tell you more about the benefits.

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Greater ROI

Investing in something, whether it’s a tool or a specific marketing strategy, for example, without getting anything in return, is considered to be a botched investment. When word goes of 2d motion graphic design, you won’t have to worry about botching your investment at all, because you’ll love the returns you’ll get. Basically, this strategy leads to a much greater ROI than a text campaign, meaning that adding it to your plans can certainly be quite beneficial.

Better Retention Rate

Since talking of rates and benefits, we also have to mention the customer retention rate. People nowadays mostly prefer watching quick videos that explain certain products and concepts to reading large articles and chunks of text. Thus, your retention rate is bound to increase, and your bounce rate to decrease, if you invest in 2d motion graphic design and add those types of materials to the website.

More Engagement

If sharing content on social media, you should understand that videos will always get more reactions than simple text. This is just the way it is, as people will automatically be attracted to something moving, and then if you manage to keep their attention, they’ll watch the video through and through. Higher social media engagement is another benefit you can expect if you add this concept to your marketing strategy.


The great thing about 2d motion graphic design is that it is rather cost-effective, given that you don’t need to have an entire team to work on the videos, or any kind of special equipment whatsoever. Basically one designer that has knowledge of the right programs will be enough to get the work done for you. Those programs, of course, have to include Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite, but some professionals may be using certain alternatives, which could turn out to be great as well. In any case, the point is that this strategy is extremely cost-effective.

How to Choose the Right Designer?

While you won’t need an entire team, you’ll undeniably need to find a great professional to work on your branding and marketing efforts by creating amazing 2d designs. Naturally, finding the right designer can take time, and you should take that time, instead of rushing into things like these. Checking out different professionals, exploring their experience levels, taking a look at some of the work they’ve previously done, and determining their reputation are all steps that should be on your list during the researching process. The best thing is that you can connect with companies that can find you the perfect designers more easily, as they know where to look and how to pair you with the perfect professional to meet your requirements.

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