Eye on the Sky: Industries That Rely On Weather Forecasts To Make Decisions

Weather Forecasts
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When it comes to business operations, most people consider marketing strategies, human resources, technology, equipment, and finance to be on top of their list. However, for many industries, there are outside forces such as weather that can drastically affect business operations and decisions. From snow, rain, floods, heatwaves, and other hazards, weather can affect the transportation of goods, working conditions, and more. Therefore there are many industries within the workforce that rely wholeheartedly on accurate weather forecasts.

From obvious departments like transportation to surprising businesses like retail stores, here are all the industries that rely on accurate weather forecasts to make decisions.

Construction Industries

One of the biggest industries that rely on weather forecasts is the construction industry. From small businesses to big corporations, construction companies need to stay on top of the weather forecasts. Not only do they need to track weather patterns each day, but they need to analyze seasonal weather predictions. For example, heavy machinery like cranes requires specific weather conditions in order to run properly. Wind speeds can drastically affect a crane’s ability to lift and place heavy loads and material.

Keep Crews safe

On top of ensuring that heavy machinery runs correctly, construction companies rely on weather forecasts to ensure the safety of their crew. Not only is working in the rain aggravating, but it can create hazardous working conditions from slippery surfaces and limited visibility. In addition, rain can also bring forth thunder and lightning, which can create a whole new set of issues on the job site. Luckily weather forecasting can help construction companies plan the best times to work in order to increase both safety and productivity.


When it comes to mining and open-pit mines, there are plenty of challenges that companies have to take into consideration. In order to clear out entryways, mining companies need to use dangerous explosives to effectively clear out rock, soil, and other debris. However, these explosions can create high-volume acoustic waves that can potentially damage property and workers’ eardrums. At the same time, weather conditions like high air density and strong winds can profoundly affect the severity of the blast. Accurate wind and temperature forecasts help mining companies calculate the best day to set off these explosives and ensure the safety of their workers and the surrounding area.

Retail Stores

Even though retail stores conduct their business indoors, they rely heavily on weather patterns such as seasonal outlooks to make crucial business decisions. For example, a winter filled with heavy snow, freezing rain, and below-freezing temperatures will tell the company to invest in the production of more coats, snow blowers, or other winter necessities. At the same time, if forecasters predict that the winter will be short and spring and summer weather will be rolling through quickly, they start selling swimwear, barbeque accessories, and garden supplies.

Customer Safety

Product predictions are not the only reason retail stores rely on weather forecasts. Predicting weather conditions like hazardous blizzards, hurricanes, and more can help a store decide how long they will stay open, who will work, and other crucial business decisions.

Amusement Parks

It is no secret that amusement parks and theme parks are a booming business, especially in the spring and summer months. However, regardless of location, mother nature can have a direct effect on business operations. While light rain can be a bit of a nuisance and reduce capacity, severe weather conditions can pose a great risk for both staff and park goers. Therefore predicting weather patterns help amusement parks decide when to keep rides open, postpone exhibits, or close the park altogether.

Predicting The Weather Is Easier Than Ever

Thanks to the growing technology services for business, predicting weather patterns is easier than ever before. If you work in any of these industries, consider investing in weather API technology to help you make crucial business decisions.

Weather Impacts Your Bottom Line

While this is just a short list of industries that rely on weather forecasts, accurate predictions can profoundly affect your company’s bottom line. Gathering the right information when it comes to weather conditions can help your company plan accordingly and maximize your profits.

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