How To Check My Internet Speed?

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  1. Understanding internet speed checkers
  2. The best internet speed tests
  3. Final thought

You might feel like you are not getting the internet speeds your provider promised you. This is because the speeds an ISP promises are theoretical and might not be achievable practically. There are many reasons for it, starting from hardware factors to issues related to your location and so on. This is true for every provider and every internet plan you can get your hands on.

If you are experiencing issues with streaming or stable connectivity, then you must keep a tab on internet speeds. It is possible that the speed is only getting affected in your area. Plus, you should be paying only for the internet speed that you expect and nothing less, so a speed test will help you see whether or not the internet package is worthy.

Understanding Internet Speed Tests

Make sure to choose the right speed test, as many tests have faults and there are chances that the result won’t be accurate. A good speed test has the following:

  • User Friendly interface

Some internet speed tests have complicated and flimsy interfaces that load slowly and are difficult to comprehend. If you are not so tech savvy yourself and don’t understand many technical terms, such interfaces can be useless.

  • Not run by an ISP

Some ISPs have speed tests of their own, so there are high chances of biases. So, avoid using the speed test from any provider, and use a non-bias one.

  • Information

Speed tests are not just about the mbps. While mbps is the most important and straightforward indicator of internet speed, you must also look for other pieces of information, including ping rate, latency rate, bandwidth, upload and download speeds.

  • Availability in different areas

Some speed tests are either not available or don’t have full functionality in some areas. If you are using a speed test that doesn’t offer accurate services in your area, then the results are most likely going to be misleading. To avoid this, check and make sure the test is available for your area.

To conduct a reliable and accurate internet speed test, make sure to do the following:

  • Turn off any downloads
  • Turn off all uploads
  • Turn off any extra backup apps running and consuming your data
  • Turn off any VPN as VPNs tend to hinder internet speeds

Any extra or unnecessary load on the internet can manipulate the results of the speed test.

Now, once you have understood how to choose the best speed test and how these tests work, it’s time to look at the handful of options you have.

The Best Internet Speed Tests

  1. Ookla speed test

Most people prefer Ookla speed tests since they enjoy a good reputation for being reliable, accurate and widely accessible. An important part of Ookla is that the speed test comes with its own iOS and Android versions that provide you with quick and handy information at any time. The speed test also lets you create an account where you can gather and view your speed test history, so you have a better understanding of your internet connection. In today’s world of Netflix and gaming, Ookla has also particularly made a platform for speed tests that tells you whether or not your internet speed is enough for streaming 4k. One downside to Ookla is that you have to bear with some ads here and there on the interface.

  1. com

For people who want to check or keep a track of their internet speed particularly for Netflix or video streaming, is the perfect solution. Netflix has made this speed test itself to help people keep a check on their speeds. It has a basic interface that tests whether or not your internet speed is enough for any kind of video streaming without buffers. does not have a mobile app, and is not a versatile platform that can be used by all types of users.

  1. net

The best part about Speedtest is its wide area coverage, as well as a load of information for different servers all around the US. It lets you make an account and keep records of the speed tests. It also has an easy interface with all the information displayed in one place, so you won’t face any troubles. You can change settings and servers and as share your speed test results. It has a simple and plain interface that includes a linear scale where you rate your expectations from your network provider’s actual performance. All these features make the speed test interesting.

  1. me

As we now know, speed is and should not be the only measure of your internet connection and how well it is performing. Consistency is another factor that many people want to know about their internet connection. If that is the case with you, then use the speed test that gives a detailed look at how stable and consistent your internet connection is. It shows detailed fluctuations of your download and upload speeds that are easy to read and understand. It has a powerful mobile-optimized website and also lets you compare your speed test results over time.

  1. Buytvinternetphone speed test

If you are looking for a quick and basic speed test, buytvinternetphone speed test should do for you. It has a neat and clean, ad-free interface with a bunch of advice and explanatory details about all the terms and technologies. This helps first timers and people with no technical knowledge run the test accurately and understand what the results mean.

Final Thoughts

Internet speeds play a vital role in your experience of using social media sites, web surfing or online streaming. Even if you have the fastest fiber optic internet at home or office, speeds can still fluctuate and you must monitor them accordingly. A reliable internet speed test allows you to do this easily.

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