How to Properly Utilize Facebook Ads for Your Business

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Facebook ads are an effective way of reaching your target market and increasing brand recognition, but you must know how to utilize them correctly for optimal results. When not taken into full account, these advertisements can miss a large audience of potential future clients if all aspects are not done just right.

Though not entirely different from other aspects of the marketing world, social media does offer a slew of unique challenges and audiences that some corporations have still, unfortunately, not become accustomed to. Whether this is you or not, read the following article as it’s sure to shed some extra light on the subject.


Images are one of the key components of any Facebook ad, as they draw people’s eyes directly to your campaign and drive user interaction with it. Image selection can make or break an ad, so it is imperative that you understand which types of images work best with your ads and how best to select them.

Facebook Ad images must be appealing and convey information about your brand or business, while telling a compelling narrative about its message and essence. Your goal should be for someone viewing the ad to instantly recognize it as theirs and understand exactly what message it sends.

Facebook campaigns don’t just need to feature static images; video ads provide an immersive experience for their audiences as well. Video ads are great ways of introducing a product or service or showing off aspects of a client’s brand that may not come across through image ads alone.

Facebook provides many ad formats, such as single image ads, carousels, videos and canvas. When choosing the format that is most suited to your campaign and product or service being advertised it’s always wise to carefully consider your choices and make an informed decision based on a thorough research process.

Select an ad format tailored specifically to your target audience to ensure you reach those you need to with your Facebook ad campaign.

Create a carousel ad to showcase multiple images and links for maximum engagement on Facebook ads campaigns. This format makes for an effective way of showcasing products or features while simultaneously garnering greater click-through rates on those campaigns.

Follow Facebook’s recommended best practices when designing stunning Facebook ads to create eye-catching visuals that your target audience will want to share with their friends. Doing this will ensure a memorable ad that stands out.

Avoid overusing text in your Facebook ads images by adhering to the 20% rule; Facebook will limit its reach if too much text exists in an image, especially when dealing with logos or watermarks.


Facebook ads require strong copy to capture attention, spark interest, and carry viewers through to call-to-actions. Writing effective copy will lead to increased conversion rates on your ad. Your ad copy should emphasize the main benefits and features of your product or service and inform viewers what they will gain by making a purchase from you.

Be sure to demonstrate how these will improve their lives or businesses. As much as it’s best to use as few words as possible in your copy, there may be specific situations in which using more words may help make your point.

For instance, when running sales on products that will soon go out of stock use phrases such as “limited time only,” “last chance,” or “only available for a limited time” when making this argument. If you are offering an exclusive offer such as a free trial, phrases like “early bird” or “first come, first served” can increase both click-through rate and conversion.

If you are selling an extended purchasing process product or service, write your ad copy using third person language to create an intimate feel and more closely relate to the audience. This method works particularly well when selling physical products or high-ticket services like coaching or consulting programs.

Target audiences based on age, gender, location and interests. You can even create custom audiences to reach those who have visited or interacted with your website/Facebook page before. Use lingo and language these types of audiences use, otherwise you run the risk of potentially alienating an entire group of people for being “out-of-touch”.

Writing your ad copy in first person will allow you to connect more deeply with your target audience while giving them an impression of empathy. Furthermore, using first person language allows you to avoid flowery language that may obscure your message.

When creating an ad copy, testing different versions is absolutely crucial for its success. Doing this allows you to observe which variant works best and to constantly refine and enhance it over time – the more tests conducted the greater chance you’ll have of reaching higher conversion rates with your ads.

ads call to action Call-to-Action

Facebook ads can be an effective way to promote your products and services, but their true power lies in their ability to convert people into leads. To achieve this goal, make sure your ads include an attractive call-to-action that compels viewers.

CTAs (call-to-actions) are used to persuade viewers of your Facebook ads to take certain actions – sign up for your mailing list, purchase a product from you or click through to the landing page – making them an integral component of your marketing funnel. When selecting a CTA for Facebook ads there are several considerations;

1. Select the Right Call-to-Action

Facebook ads offer several CTA options, such as “Shop Now”, “Learn More”, “Download”, and “Send Message,” each suitable for various campaigns.

3. Test out Different Call-to-Actions

If you’re new to Facebook ads, it may be confusing knowing what CTAs can be used within them. While there may not be as many options available as there are on a Facebook Page, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one suitable for your business!

4. Make Your CTA Concise

Since Facebook ads appear for only microseconds at a time, your calls-to-action should be brief and succinct in order to maximize viewer understanding on mobile devices. Avoid lengthy CTAs that might make for difficulty.

5. Take Advantage of Fear

If you’re advertising objective is to drive app or product downloads and sales, using negative words like “Stop” or “Terrible” as part of its message can be effective in creating fear among your target users and prompting them to take the appropriate action. These can create the effect of prompting people into taking an immediate step.

An effective call-to-action (CTA) in your ads is so important because it plays such an integral role in their success. From driving app installs and website conversions, to sales conversions or even app sales – having a strong CTA can make or break marketing initiatives!


Facebook ads can be an effective way of reaching a wide range of people on a relatively modest budget, particularly when combined with dynamic ad features to optimize ad copy and images.

Before embarking on your inaugural Facebook ad campaign, it’s a good idea that you establish who the intended target audience will be. Think about who it would make the most sense for you to show your ad to and create tailored ads suited to their interests and behaviors.

For instance, when selling jewelry online you might try targeting women looking for the latest fashion trends or those newly moved to an area. Alternatively, this could also include targeting new moms or those settling into their new city.

Reaching your target market requires targeting them according to location, age range, gender, languages spoken and user interests and behaviors – you can even add more criteria like user interests and behaviors for deeper insights into who makes up this audience.

Utilizing these advanced filters will enable you to get the most from your Facebook advertising efforts. An SEO company like Clickfunnels knows exactly what filters to choose for your niche business, no matter what it is. They allow you to target those most likely to respond positively and tailor messages according to their interests and behaviors, creating effective and relevant ads.

One effective method for creating highly targeted Facebook audiences is using lookalike audiences. These audience segments are developed by analyzing your existing marketing assets such as email lists or website visitors to identify individuals that share similar characteristics to what is already in your inventory.

Lookalike audiences can be an effective marketing tool, provided they’re used correctly. Aim for lookalike audiences that are at least one percent similar to your existing list – this ensures the new audience has enough overlap for effective targeting without becoming overwhelming.

Once you’ve created a lookalike audience, it’s essential that it runs through all your ad campaigns to gauge its effectiveness. If conversions or clickthrough rates decline significantly, increasing lookalike audience sizes may be necessary.

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