How you can Increase your Organic Traffic

Content marketing can assist in connecting you with your target audience, win their trust and finally establish and maintain lasting relationships with them. In particular, writing content can allow you to explain the benefits of the products and services that you offer and assist you in differentiating yourself from your competitors. Notably, organic traffic is a critical component in SEO because it can generate leads and increase your sales. Keep reading this guide to find out how you can increase organic traffic to your site.

Link building

Search engines hate irrelevant links and love quality links. Therefore, you need to have quality and relevant links to your site. In this case, links might include reciprocal links, outbound links, and backlinks. However, you need to receive links from the same niche site or blog. Therefore, you need to avoid the trap of buying backlinks for the sake of enhancing your search ranking. Currently, Google uses a Google Penguin algorithm that flags sites that use spam ways to receive links to your site. One of the best ways of receiving links to your site is through broken link building and guest posting. Further, you need to write content that is unique and also attracts organic backlinks.

Write SEO-optimized content

To attract organic traffic through content marketing, you need to write content based on your target audience’s current features. For instance, a fashion selling site that deals with children’s clothes can write their content on the trending fashion and channel it to drive traffic to their webpage. In some cases, it can become challenging to write SEO-optimized content. However, you can start this process by undertaking keyword searches, writing SEO-friendly content, and smartly promoting the content to earn links.

Improve site architecture to receive site links

Site architecture signals how crawlers can access your site and how people can navigate and interact with it. If you have a confusing site architecture, crawlers cannot know the more critical pages to your site. When users cannot find the information they require, they will exit your site. That would send negative signals to search engines, making your website drop from the SERPs ranking.

The best site architecture will boost organic traffic by positioning your site at the top in the search results. That enhances the chances of your site link features in SERPs and also increases your conversations. You can improve your site architecture by paying attention to the internal linking structure of your site. Also, if your site is large, you can organize it into meaningful categories and subcategories.

Create descriptive URLs

One of the preview text components that your audience will see in the search engine results includes your webpage URL. Currently, URLs play critical roles in search rankings. Suppose you adequately categorize and sub-categorize your pages. In that case, you can add more keywords to your URL and demonstrate to your customers that your site provides what they are searching for. Further, you optimize your click-through rate by making a descriptive URL and adding SEO-friendly title tags and meta tags. However, visibility on your page will include half of the effort needed in the organic search traffic battle. Apart from that, you should convince people to look at your site.

Maintain consistency in your content

Most marketers do not find themselves trying to maintain the frequency of your site content. Also, search engine bots hate such content or blogs. However, maintaining frequency on your posts does not mean you will write unrelated articles for your niche. You always need to write blogs or articles related to your niche and consider the main keywords. In that way, you can attract the interest of your target audience to continue visiting your site.

Increase site speed

Every online user likes a faster-loading website. Even search engines wish to provide users with the best online experience for them to remain famous. That is why Google will inform you how long it took to produce your results. Unfortunately, if your site loads slowly, it will have a low ranking on search engines. One of the main reasons why your site might be slow is using a poor-quality site hosting firm. However, you can search for an organic traffic checker for testing site speed and check the number of people who visit your site.

To increase the speed of your site, you can hire another web hosting company. However, you need to ensure that you do not temper the quality of the images to maintain the user experience. You also need to ensure that you do not use various plugins and reduce the size of your site videos and images.

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