Key Elements for Success as a Digital Marketing Startup

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What would have once been considered rather odd would be advertising for local businesses on the internet. Now, there is no better way to reach a large segment of a local market and this is why digital marketing has literally exploded over the past several years. While all the key elements of marketing are still part of the solid marketing foundation, a greater emphasis needs to be placed on digital elements. If you are an entrepreneur looking at the possibility of a digital marketing start-up, here are some key elements needed for success in today’s marketing environment.

Knowledge Lays the Groundwork for Your Foundation

Have you ever watched a commercial high-rise building being erected from the ground up? The first thing builders will do is the groundwork. Even before the foundation is laid, the ground is prepared to withstand the weight of the building. Next comes the foundation. If you are going to be successful as an entrepreneur in today’s digital marketing environment, knowledge is going to be the key element necessary even prior to laying the foundation.

Whether you live in Canada, the United States or the UK, an online MBA in Canada from a prestigious university like Aston University will provide you with world class knowledge with which to begin your journey toward success. Yes, it takes two years of post-graduate work to obtain the degree, but it can all be done online while working toward laying the foundation for your digital marketing start-up.

The Plan Is Your Foundation

Now that you’ve done the groundwork, it’s time to lay the foundation. This can be seen in two ways. You will need a business plan upon which to build your business, but you’ll also need to learn the importance of a digital marketing plan. This is where that online MBA in Canada will serve your purposes nicely. A master’s in business administration gives you a solid background in the world of finance which you’ll need for starting and running a successful business enterprise.

However, those very same financial elements will help you draw upon the data you need to plan a successful digital marketing strategy. It is a given that data analytics is a key element in any marketing plan but in digital marketing it’s all at your fingertips – at the click of a mouse, so to speak. Remember, you are operating in a digital environment so learning the key tools to gather and analyse the data needed for your marketing plan takes experience in the field as well as advanced level knowledge.

The Levels of Your ‘Building’ Are the Components of the Plan

Now that it’s time to think about actual marketing strategies for your clients, it’s time to use the analogy of building a commercial building. The foundation is the plan you’ve built that tells you what you want to accomplish for that client in your digital strategy, and the various levels are the components of the plan. These are all the same as any marketing strategy in many respects, but the emphasis will be staying in the digital realm.

Key components of your digital marketing strategy include:

  • Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Search
  • Organic Search
  • Reputation Marketing and/or Repair
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Data Analytics

You will probably notice that SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is missing from that list but for a very good reason. SEO is the basis of all your key marketing strategies if you stop to think about it. Those competitive search terms and phrases are how people search for brands, products, and services. Therefore, SEO even affects data analytics. In other words, SEO is probably going to be the cement that holds the marketing foundation in place. SEO is your digital marketing foundation, in a nutshell.

Building a Team as the Final Step Leading to Launch

Now think of that commercial high rise again. Many of today’s corporate high-rise towers have a concierge in the lobby and many now have elevator operators and floor guides directing visitors to offices or suites they are seeking. Think of this system as your digital marketing team. The elevators stop at programmed floors, but a human needs to push the appropriate button.

Think of the elevator as AI in that it will take you where you want to go once ‘programmed’ by a human operator. Lest we leave AI out of the key elements of a marketing plan, it is important to understand that AI is only as efficient as the programmer who designs/operates it. Unless that elevator was programmed to stop an exact number of feet per floor, it could stop midway between two.

Therefore, a knowledgeable team is an essential element in your digital marketing business. Without a team, each with a specialty, you’d be overwhelmed within the first week of operation. The point being made is that although you’ve gained the knowledge you need in marketing with an emphasis on digital marketing, you’ll need key members each with their own area of expertise.

Continued Growth Requires Nourishment

Just as the human body couldn’t exist more than eight to 21 days without food or about three days without water, so too does your digital marketing firm need continued nourishment. Remember, we are living in the age of technology and major advances are happening by the day. Since you will be working in the digital realm, almost everything you do relies on technology.

Don’t forget to budget accordingly. Even though you’ve earned that MBA and have a solid background in business finance and marketing, key developments in technology can alter strategies and techniques significantly. Consider for just a moment several years back when Google launched what has been called “Mobilegeddon.” This significantly altered the way Google ranked mobile searches and in the beginning, the technology and importance for responsive websites was lost to many marketers around the globe.

Just as that MBA gave you the tools you needed to build and launch a successful start-up, so too will staying informed on the latest technological advances keep you competitive in a highly competitive market. With that said, that’s a ‘final’ element necessary for success in digital marketing today.

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