Robot vacuum cleaners. Choosing the right model

Robot vacuum cleaners. Choosing the right model
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The use of various electrical appliances in the home has become an integral part of human existence. Dishwashers, coffee and microwave ovens, irons, hairdryers, toasters, refrigerators, and other “important” electric appliances are indispensable and usual helpers in the modern world of the inhabitants of the planet.

Robot vacuum cleaners:

Deciding to buy this or that home gadget, which ultimately should help in organizing a comfortable life of its owner, each of us is faced with an equation with several unknowns, and the solution of this equation should contain an answer to several essential questions: the functionality of the gadget, technical characteristics, and equipment, safety, design, manufacturer warranty and service, price-quality ratio.

  1. The functionality and operating principles of the entire line of presented robotic vacuum cleaners are subordinated to the main task – cleaning rooms (dry and wet type), not requiring the presence or participation of a person (control). An additional and no less important function is an autonomous charging device. Robotic vacuum cleaners are designed for dry and important cleaning of floor coverings: tiles, laminate, parquet, carpets with a short pile.
  1. Technical specifications and equipment of the vacuum cleaner depending on the function of the device. For all presented models the standard set of accessories (battery, charger, spare brushes, limiters-coordinators of movement) is supplemented by various useful accessories: filters for garbage collection, remote controls, brushes for filter cleaning, detergents, etc.

Robot vacuum cleaner noise:

Noise levels from vacuum cleaners range from 36 to 60 dB. For comparison, 60 dB is equal to the background daytime noise value in the street of a large city. In this case, a very relevant and useful function built into many models is the possibility of the delayed start, when smart machines are included in the cleaning process at the time you have programmed them.

Operating functions of the robot:

Endowed with the functions of height recognition (this allows you to avoid falls), as well as the system of orientation on surfaces where there are many small obstacles (cords, carpet fringes, etc.), mechanical assistants at the end of cleaning – independently find the base and connect to the dock for recharging.

By default, the device works in automatic mode, which combines several movement programs convenient for use in different interiors: the movement in a spiral, along the walls, along the S-shaped trajectory, zigzag movement, cleaning in a given area.

The “virtual wall” function is used to limit the movement of the vacuum cleaner, for those areas of the floor that you do not want to clean (for example, your pet’s favorite place).

Battery run time is on average 80 minutes, depending on the program selected and the complexity of the interior vacuum cleaner can clean from 50 to 100 square meters of surface. The time to charge the batteries is about the same as the work time (from 90 minutes to 240).

It is gratifying that robotic cleaners equipped with ultraviolet lamps, which allow antibacterial treatment of the cleaned surface, have appeared on the market.


It is necessary to take into account that the device may have a temporary intimidating effect on pets (noise, vibration, movement). As for electrical safety – the vacuum cleaner and the charger unit have no exposed contacts and wires. The principle of the charger is a reliable, stable connection between the robot and the base. The body of the vacuum cleaner is made of impact-resistant plastic, which is also not a conductor of electric current.


All models of robot vacuum cleaners are round, with approximately the same dimensions. You can pick up a cleaner of any color that suits your interior.

The control panel of vacuum cleaners is located on the top cover and contains buttons and indicators to inform the user (battery charging indicator, the type of selected program, start button, etc.).

A nice addition to the modest design of the home assistant is the presence of sound user notifications about the problems in English.

Price-quality ratio:

In the market of robot vacuum cleaners, there are models of world-famous brands from the USA, Korea, Austria, etc.

Since the country of the manufacturer in China, the price of robot vacuum cleaners is quite democratic and depends on the level of functionality of the device. So, you can pick up on the site robot vacuum cleaner suitable in function and price.

Robot vacuum cleaner – an integral part of the “smart” home of modern man! With its help, you will optimize your time costs for cleaning, make this process invisible, easier, and most importantly – enjoyable!

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