Taking a Group Tour of Silicon Valley’s Iconic Tech Campuses

Silicon Valley
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Silicon Valley offers a lot of chances for you to tour the campuses of the largest tech giants in the world. Facebook, Netflix, Apple and other campuses offer people tours into the public areas of their campuses. This offers people the opportunity to enjoy and get an inside view into how our internet functions.

Touring these campuses is one of the activities that is good for growing children as well as college seniors. However, planning a trip to the space is hard. Not only do you have to brave the traffic, several campuses require extensive booking and the whole process can be quite time consuming. So, here’s a simple guide to arranging a group tour.

Arrange the transport

First off, you need to check out the travel options you’re getting and what would be the best for you. While, there’s always the option to take a normal Uber to the space, it doesn’t come recommended, since, the entire process can become quite pricey overall.

If you’re travelling in especially large groups bus travel is appropriate. You can take a bus that the institution offers or rent a private Palo Alto charter tour bus to travel through all of your pit stops.

Take stock of everyone

Large groups require serious planning to get together, especially when it concerns tours. Checkout the favourite games and the ways in which to entertain them during the tours. Also check off any dietary plans if you’re planning to take children along.

If you’re taking in people for tour, it bodes well to plan out everything in advance. Check out the hotel rooms and make sure that everyone will be satisfied.

Choose which campuses to visit


It’s great to figure out before time which campuses you definitely want to visit. This is because the public places in each campus can be quite large and will take an ample amount of time.

The best campuses, that we recommend are Alphabet (because you can’t afford to go to Silicon Valley and miss out Google), Yahoo, Netflix, Facebook and Apple.

Book in advance

Campuses like these, are understandably busy places. So, none of the campuses actually allow you to visit the space where work is done. Some campuses are more secretive, and you’ll need to have written permission to visit the inside. An unplanned trip to the Facebook campus for example, would show you nothing but, the sign outside. Knowing people helps of course, which helps you get inside guided tours.

Keep in mind, many of these campuses offer pre-booked tours. So, if you’re really interested in a particular tech giant, book from ahead, and you’ll get a better guided tour of the place. Also, you’ll be allowed to visit areas that are not available to everyday people.

Planning distractions

Despite what you might think, long travel makes everyone antsy. Going through a long bus ride without any arguments onboard is an art that is hard to master. If you’re traveling with students it’s best that you check out the games here and get them to play one of these to pass the time.

Make the entire process more seamless by planning out the tours from ahead and you’ll be breezing in and out of these campuses.

Be Alert

Once you’ve planned everything out, there’s only a very small chance of everything going wrong. However, it’s important to keep being present throughout the day so that any emergency situation can easily be avoided. Check up on the group from time to time, and keep yourself well stocked with snacks.

This way, you’d be visiting these campuses without any hassle and enjoying yourself at the same time.

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