Technological Tools to Find Real Estate Agents Near Your College


Assume you are a student who has moved to a new city to pursue a professional course or are going for higher education. You may have had work experience earlier and hence you are not so keen to stay within the college premises. The reasons could be many others- ranging from expenses to quality of accommodations that are generally available. All in all, you are looking for an option which is equitable in nature. For someone new to the city, who would be involved in academics, searching for a new accommodation is considered to be pain in the neck. This is where the role of the property agents comes to highlight. Property agents are professionals who are living in the area where you search properties and are well aware of the available houses there. They are also aware of the trends in housing and can offer multiple options for searching houses from get go. Moreover, they act as mediators between the property seeker and the property owner; helping in negotiations as well as paper work. Therefore, the first step you as a student would be interested in is to find a property agent.

fig.1How to find a property agent online?

Property portal housing.com has invested considerably in operations to ensure consumers get what they need while searching for houses. The portal has realized the need for real estate agents and their services and therefore has introduced a special segment altogether to help find one. Assume you have moved to Pune and are looking for the best real estate agents in Pune near your college. The first step to take would be to log into the housingdotcom portal or app and then scroll down to the option which allows you to search for real estate agents. The search screen is similar to that of searching houses. You have to type the name of the locality and then select the search option. The resulting screen comes up with a map of the locality with markers representing office locations of property agents. You can choose any of the markers to reveal the details of the agents and even the properties that they may be in charge of. Therefore, you have the option to explore numerous housing options from a single source. You can either explore homes and then contact the agents or contact an agent and then start exploring houses with him.

What makes the housing listings reliable?

Property portal housing.com has been known for its reliable property listings. Every single property listed on the portal is verified by an agent of housing.com who visits it to gather all information. Considering how important a role property agents also play, the portal deemed it fit to extend the listing process for property agents as well. Hence all property agents in Punewhom you see listed on the portal have been verified by agents of housing.com. Just like it is with the properties, all the property agents have been visited and their credentials verified before they are listed on the portal. The same is true for the properties under their charge as well.

In Conclusion

Housing.com allows end users to find the best properties with considerable ease. This has been possible because the portal focuses on the needs of the consumers. The same is true for real estate agent search as well.


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