The Comforts Available in a Class A RV

If you’re just starting to look into the RV lifestyle, you may not be aware of all the comforts that an RV can offer. Of course, there are different classes of RVs, with some being more bare-bones than others. This article will discuss some luxuries and comforts available in Class A RVs, which are the largest, most expensive, and (usually) the most luxurious type of recreational vehicle. The comforts available in these RVs include luxury furniture, running water, electricity, WiFi, full bathrooms, and master bedrooms. Read on to learn more about the surprising level of luxury that you can enjoy in a Class A RV.


Class A RVs can reach 45 feet in length, more than large enough to accommodate full-size furniture. Many Class A RVs have couches. These couches can have luxurious upholstery from the factory, but if they don’t you can always get RV couch covers in the fabric of your choice. Beds, desks, and dining tables can also be found in Class A RVs.

Running Water

All Class A RVs have running water. These vehicles often have two faucets (one in the dining area and one in the bathroom). There is also usually a shower and perhaps even a dishwasher. Some high-end Class A RVs even offer a (clothes) washer.


All Class A RVs also offer electricity. There will be multiple electrical outlets throughout the vehicle. Class A RVs, as you might imagine, has heavy-duty batteries. These batteries provide enough power for the engine and for various appliances. Some RVs even have solar panels located on the roof to supplement the power from the battery.


It is common for modern Class A RVs to include a WiFi router and modem. These devices provide high-speed Internet throughout the vehicle. While older RVs may not be equipped for WiFi from the factory, it is relatively simple to retrofit these vehicles to make them WiFi-capable. The WiFi offered in an RV usually comes from a cell phone service provider’s network to allow Internet access on the go.


All Class A RVs offer a bathroom. These bathrooms will include a sink, toilet, and shower. Some high-end Class A RVs even offer a full-size tub.

Master Bedroom

Just as all Class A RVs offer a bathroom, all also offer a bedroom. The size of Class A RVs means that these bedrooms can be fairly large. Often, they are around the same size as the bedrooms found in the average apartment. This means they can accommodate a queen-size bed. Some larger Class A RVs can even accommodate a king-size bed.

Choosing the Right RV

When it comes time to choose a Class A RV, you need to decide which comforts you absolutely have to have. If you must have a tub, washer/dryer. solar power, and other luxuries, keep in mind that such a vehicle will not come cheap. However, it will also have the most resale value when you are done enjoying it.

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