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Every other day, we are introduced to new cutting-edge technology, and competing to get our hands on the latest one is quite a trend these days. It still feels like yesterday that we needed physical presence to even turn the fan on. No one could have thought of controlling their appliances by just sitting on their bed, or working on their desk. However, this doesn’t just happen, the internet makes it possible to do so. The internet thus should be a reliable and lag-free connection that you can have and trust. One such option is Windstream with smooth service and is one of the best to be known for its service quality and affordable plans and deals. This is what you need, to have an integrated home connection that is –always on, aware, and present.

With smart home automation making its way into households, we are here listing the top 10 smart apps that will up your game of a smart home right now!

  1. Google Home

One of the best recommendations when it comes to apps for smart home appliances, Google Homes is a great fit. The app lets you connect to multiple home devices like cameras, lights, and much more. It provides you with quick options that you can use to control and organize your home, the way you like. It includes adjusting lights, putting on speakers, and others. You can get the latest news highlights, turn on lights and fans, and check the weather, just by using the shortcuts available in the app. This automation has made Google Home a good option nowadays.

  1. Smart Things

Ever came back home being a disaster just because you left your oven open in hurry? Don’t worry, Samsung have you covered! This Samsung-introduced automation app, helps a user connect to multiple devices at once.  Customers get a kit that includes a SmartThings hub and many sensors. One just has to connect the sensors to devices and the work is done. It can be your refrigerator, dryer, or air conditioner. Once connected, you can remotely control the devices and even check their status.

  1. Alexa

Everyone is familiar with this Amazon-developed Alexa. Alexa is nothing complex for someone getting their hands on this adventure. It has a voice-activated system and can be personalized. You just have to ask it to play music or wake you up on time and it will do the work as you wish. You can enjoy your cleaning while listening to audiobooks. Interesting, isn’t it?

  1. Philips Hue

Philips surely has some top technological items, and its innovation in automation of controlling lights with just your smartphone is something people are excited about now. It has a smart light-controlling system with some unique features beyond normal light controllers.  One can change the color of lights, schedule them with colors, and modify the lights according to mood. It also has a location-awareness system through which it automatically turns on the light when it feels any presence entering the home.

  1. Nuki

Apart from some fun and cool features, security is also a high priority when it comes to households. Nuki is a smart lock. One can turn their phone into a digital lock. All the connection done is end-to-end encrypted. It has easy to use and is a must for everyone upgrading their smart homes and their automation systems.

  1. Ninja Blocks

Like Smart Things from Samsung, Ninja Blocks also uses sensor technology for controlling devices in the home. Ninja blocks are cloud-enabled. They act as they receive input from the sensors. You are given the charge of making Ninja rules engine and you don’t have to be a tech person to handle it. It is a tiny computer and easy to use by everyone.

  1. Honeywell Home

Honeywell can be connected to many devices including your security systems, and thermostats, and even check your water leakage.  Honeywell Home has some unique features and is surely the most perfect app for you. You can control the devices and change the settings as you wish. You can also receive notifications from the devices. It also has a unique feature of Geofencing, which allows you to change settings for a certain time or limit, and after the limit, it goes back to its default settings.

  1. Nest

Nest is just the thing when it comes to controlling the temperature of your home. One just has to download the app and get the Nest thermostat installed, and temperature controlling is easier than ever!


This app alarms you with notifications for any presence you make it familiar with. It can be either leaving the door open or coming back from the office. It also has geo services that automatically control the temperature and lights depending on where you are.

  1. WeMo

WeMo is also a great option for automation challenges you get. It is compatible with all devices and turns them into smart devices and as simple as that, you can control your house with just a click!

Bottom Line

Smart home automation is a rising trend today. Everyone is transforming their houses into smart homes and getting their hands on this technology. If you wish to make your life easier like that, try these apps listed in the article!


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