What Factors Should You Think About When Selecting a Small Business Name?

If you are opening a new small business, your mind may be filled with many small business name ideas. However, you may be unsure which name is right for your business. This is a huge decision, and having the right business name is extremely important. A great business name can be easy for potential clients to remember and also represents what your business is all about and has to offer. As such, you need to carefully think about your business name and ensure it will represent your business well. Here are just a few of the key factors that you should think about as you go about selecting a small business name.

Ensure the Name is Unique and Available

When you are first trying to come up with small business name ideas, there are many ideas that may pop into your mind. You may want to try to incorporate different family names or standard words that explain what your business is, such as coffee or pizza. When you have thought of a name that you feel is unique, you will want to take the time to Google the name and find out if any businesses have registered the name. The last thing you want is to pick a name and start filling out your business licenses and designing logos only to find out there’s already a business in your area with the same or similar name.

Find Out If You Can Get Domains and Social Media For That Name

After ensuring a name is unique and available, the next thing you want to do is to find out if you can get website domains and social media names that are the same as or very similar to your website. Customers will look for you online using the name of your business, so if the domain is already registered to someone else, it can make it hard for people to find you if you go with that name. It is common for people to think of a business name, and then discover it is unavailable online and go back to the drawing board for a new name.

Ensure the Name is Not Complicated or Complex

Another key thing that you want to keep in mind as you think of a business name is ensuring the name is not complicated or complex. Because you are looking for something unique, it is easy to think about getting creative with the spelling of your business name or adding in a few numbers at the end to differentiate it. Unfortunately, customers do not remember complicated spellings or random numbers at the end of business names. You want to keep your business name simple and memorable.

Ask Around About the Name and See What People Think

Once you have come up with a name that you think may work for your business, take the time to ask friends, family members, and co-workers what they think of the name. Ask them what they think of when they hear the name and ensure it correlates in some way to your business. You want a name that is easy to remember, that evokes good feelings, and that preferably tells customers and clients what type of business you own.

Research the Name and What it Means Now and in the Past

The last thing that you should do before landing on a business name is thoroughly researching the business name. Take the time to research what the name or term may have meant in the past and what it means today. Many companies are having to change their names or logos because their business names have ties to negative history. As a new business, you do not want any controversy, and you don’t want to have to spend money renaming or rebranding your company. Researching a potential business name in depth can help you avoid this.

Picking a business name should be something that you really think about and spend time researching. You want to get feedback from people you trust, you want to ensure the name is unique, yet memorable, and you want to learn about the history of the name. Taking the time to really think about and research a name before selecting it can help to ensure that you select a name that will really stand out to consumers or clients and convey exactly what you want your business name to convey to the public.

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