What Makes A Compelling Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System?

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Improving business relationships is one crucial goal for most businesses and using customer relationship management (CRM) technology helps them achieve this. The CRM system offers many roles in ensuring the sale transaction is smooth and successful. It enables good communication for both parties, streamlining processes as a result.

That said, a CRM system is a must for your business operations. However, with too many brands and developers in the market today, selecting the right one can be stressful and confusing. One helpful way is to know the comparison between Salesforce vs Hubspot. In addition, try to discover the answers to the question: What makes a compelling CRM system?

You may begin by considering the following characteristics when selecting the appropriate CRM tool for your business:

  • Remote Access  

If your team comprises a diverse workforce, CRM software acts as an integrated platform that allows everyone to access tasks and company data on one platform. Hence, you must ensure that your CRM software is accessible even for remote workers in your team. Remote access should be available for them to work from anywhere. This is particularly beneficial if your business employs different nationalities around the globe.

Besides, it would be valuable for your salespeople who are constantly away from desks as they meet clients here and there. By having a mobile-friendly CRM, they can access customer information and leads from anywhere they are as long as they have internet connectivity. With this, your employees can constantly update the CRM, like contact information and a list of leads.

  • Customizable  

It’s crucial to select CRM software that fits your business’s unique requirements and needs. CRM solutions and services offer customizable features and additional functions depending on your preferences. The software can add more plugins, chatbots, ticketing tools, customer service, and other sales tools.

While CRM software comes with free versions, paying reasonable fees to personalize them according to your business structure will work to your advantage. Considering how much your sales and marketing team can depend on this tool, it is worth more than its monetary value. Therefore, invest in more features for your CRM technology.

  • User-Friendly  

CRM software may not be an easy tool for some of your employees, so it’s essential to train them regarding its uses and navigation. While training is beneficial, it’s preferable to have a CRM tool that is easier to navigate and user-friendly. So, ensure you have a CRM with a straightforward interface, good UX design, and excellent user support.

Your employees will use and access this software daily for more hours than you can count. So, usability plays a significant characteristic when selecting among the many CRM choices available. Choose one that won’t be too challenging for all employees to be familiar with, so they can become well versed in using it as soon as possible.

  • Easy Integration With Other Software  

As an all-encompassing business, you probably have many other software and tools to keep your operations running smoothly. The good news is that you can integrate most CRM software today into your existing tools. Thus, you can save time and money by connecting your CRM software to other solutions you already use.

To make work faster and easier, choose a CRM that can open your communications app, like emails and other chatting apps. If you’re using a POS system, it will help if you can integrate this system with your CRM so you don’t have to open many windows on your screen. Integrating the software into one system can organize workflows, eliminating errors and work delays. Additionally, ensure that your CRM works with your data stored in the cloud so that you can store essential data in real time. However, it may be necessary to administer specific integrations based on your software, so contact the IT pros for this task.

  • With List Management  

Another essential characteristic of a good CRM is its real-time list management. This benefits your sales and marketing teams the most, as they can rely on one single system that contains all leads and contact information. This also makes it easier to get rid of or update details promptly.

Furthermore, having list management on your CRM allows salespeople to schedule follow-ups and meetings. They can build sales funnels easily and eventually convert leads into closed sales. With the reminders feature on CRM, your sales team can avoid forgetting important tasks. This can avoid lost opportunities, resulting in more optimal sales.

Standardizing your sales process is easier with the use of CRM. Because all information and details are on the platform, the next salespeople assigned to the customer can briefly read all about the previous transactions. Your company remains consistent and offers the best customer service as much as possible. This leads to a better customer experience, increasing more chances of a closed sale.

  • Scalable  

The good thing about modern technological advancements is that they’re usually scalable. The same thing applies to your CRM tool. No matter how small or big your business grows, CRM software can adjust and adapt to your growth.

Eventually, you’ll need to expand your systems, and the same CRM software can adjust accordingly. So, choosing a system that is easily adaptable to your future needs is essential. Pick one you can imagine working with even as you grow and expand your business in the future.

  • Prioritizes Customer Service  

As mentioned, every business wishes to maintain strong customer relationships, so it’s paramount to find a CRM tool that prioritizes delivering excellent customer service. Fortunately, you can achieve this result when your tool has updated and complete contact information and data. Ensure you record all touch and follow-up points with the customer, so they’ll know that you remember everything about them.

This also includes recording any concerns and challenges they experience and resolving them immediately. For instance, if customers have stopped buying your products and services, you can approach customer churn the right way. All salespeople and staff can communicate with the customer better by having complete information from past to present. Even small details, such as using the preferred names of the customers, can lead to better customer service.


Consider investing in an online CRM system if you’re trying to move your business forward. After all, taking advantage of the tech tools in the market today will help grow your business even more. With all the above characteristics, you can now find a compelling CRM system that fits all your needs.

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