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When it comes to effective website design in Atlanta, you must know how to get high search engine rankings on Google, meaning you need to know what a content strategy is. Here at Zgraph, we know exactly why a content marketing strategy matters, and here are a few key pieces of information that you need to know.

What is a Content Strategy?

Through a content strategy, an individual or team of workers will plan, develop and manage a wide range of content. Sometimes, the content will be in written form; however, it is not uncommon for it to be in many other forms, including audio, video, picture, and more. Since the development of the Internet, content strategies have become increasingly popular.

There are many definitions for a content strategy, including:

  • The managing of content throughout all parts of its lifecycle; creating it, editing it, publishing it, promoting it, and distributing it.
  • Taking content and transforming it into something that will provide readers will a lasting experience.
  • Researching content and putting the findings into one’s own words so that it can be shared.
  • Adding relevant content to a website so that increased website traffic can be obtained.
  • Taking content and mapping it out according to the needs of each reader, buyer, customer, and consumer.
  • The development of content marketing goals.
  • Getting the right pieces of information to the right person at the right time.

Those who take part in content strategy are often referred to as content strategists. They spend their time collecting content, reviewing it, editing it, and putting it into their own words so that a business can use the information to its advantage. The exact perspective and definition that these strategists have on content are largely determined by their background, including their training and education.

Some content strategists specialize in content analysis. They simply analyze content, concluding whether it of any importance to consumers. If it’s not, they will inform their clients to get rid of it and to replace it with more valuable content. Other content strategists actually take part in the development of content. They may or may not be in charge of company websites, blogs, social media profiles, and more. Much of the time, content strategists carry out copywriting duties by using a wide array of tools and applications.

Purpose of a Content Strategy

When businesses provide content to consumers, it will either be relevant or it won’t. It will either catch the attention of the readers/viewers or it won’t. Lastly, it will either close a deal or it won’t. Because of this, it is pertinent that all businesses understand the purpose of a content strategy. With a good one, businesses will be able to deliver content that won’t be categorized as spam. Instead, it will make a reader/viewer stop for a second, think about the information being consumed, and hopefully, it will persuade him or her to react in the way the business wants.

No matter how hard a business tries, without an effective content strategy, the content that is delivered to consumers will be of no use. It takes great content and a good strategy to ensure the purpose of the content is obtained. It is important to understand that a content strategy is not something that is simply implemented one time. It is an ongoing process, and it should be integrated into a company’s overall marketing strategy. Not only will a content strategy helps deliver useful content to consumers on a regular basis, but it will also achieve the following:

  • Make sure content is on-brand
  • Make sure a business’s website meets W3C accessibility standards
  • Make sure content is optimized for mobile devices
  • Make sure content is easily findable
  • Make sure a business’s website is easy to navigate
  • Make sure content is both effective and compelling
  • Make sure there are no content-related downfalls
  • Make sure there is a consistent tone and voice throughout all content
  • Make sure content aligns with business goals
  • Make sure content is optimized for organic search
  • Make sure content is easy to share via email, text message, social media sites, and more

All content should be created with a goal in mind. By having a content strategy in place, this predetermined goal can be achieved. Although part of the content strategy includes creating and/or finding content, it is much more than content development. It includes everything from developing a consistent message, knowing where to look for great content, making sure the content can be shared, and much more.

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