Custom Electric Motorcycle From Andrews Collection

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Custom Electric Motorcycle for Auction on May 2

Memorabilia and unique cars from Andrews Collection is up for auction on May 2 in Fort Worth, Texas which among the rare wares is the 2011 custom electric motorcycle which has not been seen so far on the streets.

This custom electric motorcycle is somewhat likely that it could have been seen on the silver screen. This custom motorcycle is one of those kinds that is seen in the movie `Tron: Legacy’ and more attractive design is the inner working Lithium batteries that are connected to a direct drive electric motor and a computer controlled electronic transmission which makes the custom electric motorcycle to work.

As described in RM Sotheby’s Auctions’ website it states that this `ultimate homage for any fan’ is in as-new condition and has barely been used since its completion in 2012. The Andrews Collection is of Paul Andrews and his son Chris who has been striving hard in building their collections together for ages and this custom electric motorcycle was first built by an outside firm which was sent to the Andrews’ shop for completion.

Electric Motor with Lithium Batteries/Computer Controlled Throttle

Unmatched with regards to its quality, presentation and historical significance, the Andrews Collection signifies years of achievement of lifelong enthusiast as well as successful entrepreneur and the father-son team are accomplished artist and businessman in their own right.

The electric motorcycle complete in a black colour together with white strips and an imposing stance which only movie motorcycle can symbolize, is one kind of collection which is very impressive and it is estimated that the final bid would be between $25,000 and $40,000.

It has been described as 96 volt, direct drive electric motor with lithium batteries and computer controlled throttle, rebound and compression damping together with spring preload front suspension along with rigid rear suspension as well as front and rear hydraulic brakes. It’s a –

  • A recreation of the Tron: Legacy motorcycle
  • Functional electric motorcycle
  • The final tribute for any fan

Refabricate Unique Motorcycle

This electric motorcycle has been built especially for the Andrews Collection in order to refabricate a unique motorcycle seen in the movie Tron: Legacy which is a highly captivating work of mobile art that has an enduring connection to modern culture.

It is a complete functioning motorcycle that can be ridden and is powered by direct drive electric motor with lithium batteries and mated to computer controlled digital electronic transmission having very low seat at a height of 28.5 inches which makes it easy to ride at low speeds.

The bike, Lot 259 was completed in 2012 by the Andrews, complete in black with a white stripe, was only ridden around their facilities to make sure that it remains operative. It is unlikely that an identical motorcycle would ever be created or made available for purchase making this a unique opportunity to get hold of the model.

The Andrews Collection has been designated as `one of America’s best car collections and the father and son have accumulated around 150 vehicles over the past few decades and will be auctioning off seventy eight vehicles together with other pieces of memorabilia at the time of the one day event in May without any reserve.


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