First 8K Video Arrived At YouTube, Attracted Million Viewers Already

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After a very long waiting period, finally we have our first video with as high as 8K resolution quality. ‘Ghost Town’, a short feature film, by Neumann films, is making people crazy for last one week. This film has been launched on YouTube, as the video sharing website earlier started supporting 8K resolution.

This video has so many details, that technology experts are making prank by saying stay sharp while you are playing 8K video, your computer screen may get cracks. ‘Ghost Town’ is only two and half minute long, but due to the buzz around the web world; it already has been viewed by millions.

Interesting fact is, YouTube announced its support for 8K resolution back in 2010 and stated that they will bring it very soon. But why it took so long to came before audience? Seriously, how much people own a super hi-fi camera to shoot 8K resolution video?

It is heavily expensive, as well as very much sophisticated device which needs extra skill and expert hand. This movie has been filmed using a super hi-fi resolution RED Epic Dragon 6K video camera, which has the ability to capture minuets of details of a particular view.

The directors, Luke and Marika Neumann has stated in official release that the film shots were taken with this camera in portrait mode and shots were attached to each other in Adobe After Effects to prepare the video.

All about 8K resolution:

8K, otherwise known as Full Ultra HD, is the highest resolution video available in digital photography and cinematography, currently. 8K basically a video resolution which is successor of 4K display and refers to the parallel resolution of pixel, which is 8,000 pixels. We now have 1080p full HD display as a standard television resolution, but by 2017 TV manufacturing companies are trying to raise the standard to 4K display. One of the major advantages of 8K display is the indistinguishable adjacent pixels, which human eye cannot recognise.

“Ghost Town”- what is the theme?

The movie is very short in size and features a person, who is drifting around an old house. The movie shows couple of sidewalks of the abandoned house and inner parts of it. Though the resolution is high, but the theme of the movie disappoints. Many reviewers stated that the movie could be bit more innovative, featuring some actual story line.

The super-sophisticated 8K camera

There are very few cameras available, which can shoot video with 8K resolution like RED Epic Dragon video camera. Some of these are Ikegami’s SHK-810 8K, Astro’s AH-4800 etc. But the real problem with playing 8K video, is the graphics software we use generally probably does not support the 8K display quality. So, having an 8K movie does not ensure that we can enjoy it instantly. For smooth visuals, we still have to wait for more days to have 8K display supported PCs with us.


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