New Google Chrome is Faster and will Save Your Battery

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Google releases a highly upgraded version of its popular web browser Chrome, which aims at lending it a faster browsing capability along with a battery saver attitude. Google Chrome browser is known to be battery and space hog, which takes a considerable amount of the computer’s or smartphones’ memory with its range of extension and other background apps. Chrome not just happens to tap in the power from the laptops but it is also known to be major reason for the loss of battery in smartphone as well. Google is finally going to address these two notorious with an upcoming update for its Chrome web browser.

New update will make browsing a breeze

The upcoming update will help in dealing with the garbage collection in a much swifter manner, which will help in improving the browsing experience. Chrome will now focus on the aggressive garbage collection, which in simple language means that Google Chrome will look for the data, which is no longer being used by browser, but it remains sitting idle in the computer memory.

It should be noted that the earlier versions of Goggle Chrome had some garbage collection capabilities but with this update, the capability will be enhanced considerably and it will help in rendering a faster browser experience. Google Chrome will simply wait for the websites to load and once it is completed it will look for the idle data and it will deeply clean up unused memory.Google_Chrome_1

Page loading time will become faster

The garbage collection capability will also help in quickly loading the websites and web pages from before. The earlier versions of the Google Chrome performed the garbage collection at random intervals like during the middle of animation or a video but with this update it will be made a continuous process. Garbage collection and removal process is expected to reduce the memory usage by 10% on an average and in extreme case up to 45%.

Google Chrome will also be able to restore the tabs last used by the users at the time of startup. With this update, Chrome will check the system’s memory prior to reloading the tabs. This act is expected to save some of the system memory as well.

New update will certainly improve the battery performance

Apart from memory saving Google Chrome will be able to save a large amount of battery consumed by the app. It will automatically pause animations, which aren’t a crucial part of the website, and Google is hoping to save up to 15% of battery’s life with this feature.

The amount of battery, which can be saved with the upcoming update, will vary a lot on a wide number of factors such as how a person uses the app and how much flash content is available on the website. Google is all set to launch its upcoming update for the Chrome by next few weeks. Google Chrome updates are not a big thing, as Google happens to update after every six weeks but this time it is bringing a whole set of new features and improved operations.


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