Secrets, Your Cell Phone Company Will Never Tell

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Recently, When AT&T added the new option of privacy in its GigaPower fiber Internet service, so it surprised everyone. Yes, it’s true in just $29/month, AT&T promises that it will not sell your browsing and search history to any advertiser.

But still there are some doubt that how you can secure your private information by just paying $29, at least this point of time AT&T is showing its honesty that how they are generating revenue. The real truth is that one of the major Cellphone carriers is happy to sell your personal information to advertisers to earn more money and according to that they are serving targeted ads over their networks. Now in this post we will discuss that how to stop them.

Android Phones:

If you are using Android platform, so turn off Google “AdID” system, for this don’t go on your Android phone settings. Go to your Google Settings app, may be you have to look for full list of apps to find it. Once you will open the Google setting than tap on the Ads link and “Opt out for interest-based ads” here you can also see your advertising ID to “reset your personal advertising ID”, all you need to tap and make a new one ID.


Ads are not only thing for which someone is tracking your phone, may be Google and Apple are tracking your browsing and search history as well.

  1. Windows Phone:

If you are using Windows Phone, so turn off “Personalized ads” and for this you need to go on Microsoft’s ad opt-out page. Under the option of Personalize ads, you can click “off” your Microsoft account.


To do this you need to sign in with Windows account and make sure that you sign in with the same account while using Windows Phone. It will also turn off your personalized ads for Internet Explorer at Windows 8 platform.

  1. iPhone:

If you are using iPhone, so go to setting and then tap on privacy and scroll down to advertising. You will see the button name as “Limit ad tracking.” Now you need to slide the button to make it green and it will stop the ad companies to track your activity and from serving up targeted ads.

To reset your ID you need to click on zero ad than advertisers will identify you as new user on Apple’s servers. It sound little difficult, buy its true that advertisers are making you profile based on your search history.

Tracking in Future:

In present, carriers are working with latest tools and technology, so that no one can stop them. AT&T and Verizon have experimented with “super-cookies”, to know your website preferences. But suddenly AT&T have dropped the idea, when most of the customers complained whereas; Verizon still on the same track. To avail the privacy option all you need to go on verizonwireless site and read the myprivacy page and Verizon won’t track your personal information neither show you targeted ads.

The other solution is to use wi-fi instead of your cellular signal for browsing and searching the websites, but always it’s not possible.

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