Wizard App: Brain Training App Could Help People with Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia is one of the mental problems, which affects over twenty one million citizens all over the world. Those people, who have experienced the long-term disorders in mental health, may exhibit some severe psychological syndromes that comprise the hallucinations, trouble in concentrations and illusions. Though schizophrenia may be controlled with the present medicines and psychosocial sustenance, patients are sometimes left with a number of cognitive disorders, for example, loss of memory. Thus, often the patients are not able to enjoy independent lives because they try to recollect memories, which are very critical to their everyday life.

Development of an app through Cambridge University researchers

A latest brain training application has been developed to help the schizophrenia patients in the improvement of memory as well as the quality of life. Some researchers of Cambridge University created a specific brain game, which may be competent to beat some of the existing limitations related to drug treatment. It also assists the schizophrenia patients in reducing the effect of undesirable condition.

Wizard App is helpful when the drugs fail

Barbara Sahakian (a professor) along with her research panel, at the Cambridge University recommended that their application, known as Wizard, may be very helpful to develop cognitive roles of schizophrenia patients. The experts expect that this Wizard App may fill in the major gap that is found in pharmaceutical cares, and thus, bring improvement in episodic memory that is affected by schizophrenia. It is an individual’s definite memory of any incident or experience.

The test before making the app

Researchers, who are involved in this Wizard App, recruited twenty two members, who had a diagnosis of schizophrenia for the research. They divided the members into 2 groups. When one group took part in the brain training competition for an overall eight hours, the other one did not get to participate in the game. The scientists then checked the episodic memory of all of these participants with the help of a test- CANTAB PAL. After that, they also calculated the amount of enjoyment and inspiration of the participants with GAF scale.

The research revealed a considerable benefit for people using the Wizard App. The patients, who utilized the app, did only fewer mistakes in the definite test that has been mentioned. Moreover, these patients have a better score in GAF scales that are interpreted by researchers. The researchers stated that the participants not only got benefit from the game but were also motivated to carry on playing. And those, who became motivated to run the Wizard App, performed the best.

Sahakian commented that their memory game may help much when drugs have failed to cure the patients. As the game is fascinating, those people with a common lack of inspiration want to keep on the training.

In fact, the researchers are not exactly certain about why the application was competent to assist the Schizophrenia patients in the development of episodic memory. However, they propose that this obvious effect may directly affect the global purposes or have some indirect effect on inspiration as well as self-respect. As the size of a sample was quite small, the scientists would need to carry out more research in order to verify the result of the study.



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