A Comprehensive Guide to How Apple iPhone Trade in Works

iPhone Trade in
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Many people are so hooked on Apples devices that they always look forward to new products with great anticipation. For some of such people, their homes are littered with old iPhones and other Apple gadgets. Apart from cluttering up their spaces, these devices end up not being properly disposed of.

For those who follow the news and current trend on environmental issues, you can attest to the fact that disposing e-waste inappropriately is not good for our environment. For those who are not up to date on environmental issues, click here to see how wrong disposal of e-waste affects our environment.

In addition to helping to safeguard our ecosystem, you can benefit from properly disposing of your old iPhone by trading it/them in for the newer models. In this article, we will share a guide to help you understand how this process works so stay with us.

Steps to Trading in your iPhone

The following are the quick steps to trading in your Apple gadget; bear in mind that you can do this online or visit any Apple store around you.

Find Out How Much You Can Save

The first step in the process of a trade-in is to find out how much you can save by trading in your phone. This process entails that you send in the details of your phone to the store; that is the model and configuration of your device. The store would evaluate it and tell you how much you can save on it.

Note that the model and configuration is not the only factor that affects the trade in value of the phone. The condition of the device also determines how much value you can get from the transaction. If your gadget has some defects, it will diminish the value; but if the defects are not too much, you can still get some value for your trade in.

These are just the basics that you need to be aware of. If you need additional information on this, you can type in ‘how apple trade in works: a comprehensive guide’ into the search engine on your browser. You can also get direct information on this issue from specific stores.

Prepare your IPhone for Trade In

After you have gone through the process of determining whether your device qualifies for trade in and how much you get to save from the process, you will get a confirmation email from the store. When you get the confirmation email, the next step is to prepare your phone for trade in.

Usually, the store will send you instructions on how to prepare your device before sending it to them. However, find below a summary of the steps for preparing your device for the trade in:-

  1. Back up your old device – Ensure that every information that is important to you is backed up on iClouds or iTunes. These include your contacts, videos, and pictures.
  2. Unpair the phone from Apple watch if applicable.
  3. Restore the phone to factory setting.
  4. Remove the SIM card and other accessories.
  5. Take a picture of the device – This is just a precaution so that you can have proof in case anything goes wrong in the process of shipping the phone to the store.

Mail the Phone

The store will send you a kit that you will use to mail in your device; the kit also comes with instructions. Ensure that you follow the instructions so that you will not have any issues. Bear in mind that when you mail in your device, the store will carry out a physical inspection to ascertain that all you stated in the form about your phone is accurate.

When the inspection is done and you have satisfied all the criteria, you will then get the trade in value. This can either be credit towards a new phone or a gift card that you can use for any Apple product.

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