Apple Recruits Trojan Horse To Attack Android

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Apple Music on Android

Apple seldom works on application for any other platform and when it does, it is keen in paying attention to it. To a certain extent, it tends to match Microsoft’s plan in getting as many people as possible to sign up to its cloud.

It is about urging users to contemplate moving away from what is comfortable to another alternative, the Apple alternative. Apple is seeking Android software engineers and while many are speculating about what other projects the engineers would be working on, it is worth recalling how essential Apple Music on Android can be to the constant success of Apple in the new cloud based future of mobile.

The noticeable application which is available on a non-Apple platform presently is iTunes for Windows and traditionally the release of iTunes for Windows, made a niche peripherals for the iPod on a small OS platform to music player and later to media player which attracted the attention of the world and brought about the second generation of smartphones with the debut of the iPhone.

Apple Music tied in Apple’s Cloud Services

This gave rise to consumers in looking at the iTunes/iPod package and to contemplate on the alternative which was being offered by Apple with not only the iPod and then the iPhone but the Mac range of computers as well.

The position developed by iTunes gave way to the idea of using Apple as another alternative. With Apple Music to be launched on Android it seems that Apple has put the move on Microsoft, after twelve years and it is about to use the similar move against Android.

It is said that Apple Music is tightly tied in Apple’s cloud services and the subscription service will depend on another user’s Apple ID. Hence any new users would have to create an account on Apple’s servers. Should they decide to use apple Music to listen to music when offline, in order to save playlists from the service or to synchronise music over various devices, the iCloud Music Library which is part of Apple’s cloud services will have to be switched on.

A great emotional connection is present in an individual’s music collection and it is one of the recent issue for which Apple Music is created with a backlash against Apple

Apple Music – An Option on Cloud Based Music Service/Shared Libraries

Apple is not considering in getting every Android user switching over to Apple Music though every user that intends doing so would either be reinforcing a connection to Apple’s cloud service or would be starting out a new digital adventure with the tech’s software.

Once the first playlist is saved into Apple’s cloud and the first obscure Belarusian hard rock is added to the iCloud Music Library in order to get it saved to an Android smartphone and the library is shared on another device, either a smartphone, desktop or tablet, then the emotional hook of music can be caught.

Similar to iTunes on Windows wherein users had a different view on music storage and organisation on the desktop, Apple Music on Android too will show the users an option of thinking about a cloud based music service together with shared libraries in the present connected world.



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