Best Places to Download Free E-Books

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If you are among the people who just love reading books and have moved to the digital era of having the necessary books at your convenience apart from having the additional features like highlights, definitions, and search among others. Now that it is incredibly easy to buy books that you might want to read either on your e-reader like kindle or simply on your smartphone. Devices and apps have their own marketplace and they are ready to for a quicker bill. However there are plenty of places where a person can get their hands on the books without spending anything and mind you, this is nothing to do with the piracy of the books. On the internet one should be able to easily find legal free resources for books. Even though most of these websites offers books which no longer have any copyright issues but it does not mean you might be able to get hands on books which are worth buying as well. Some of the websites that can be used for downloading books are:

  1. Nook, Kindle, Kobo etc:

Today from Google play to Kindle to Kobo or Nook, just about every app store has large collection of books which are available for purchase however you can still get your hands of range of classics which are available for free. These are available in the public domain to self-published e-books. The Nook e-books tore has some very good collection of sorted out books when compared to other websites. Reader can even view sample of paid books covering more than a few chapters.

  1. Open Library:

This is another source of free books. The books have been sorted out in listing making it easier for the reader for searching what they want. This makes it easy for people to find classics which can be rather difficult to search in other ways.

  1. Bartleby:

This is considered as one of the great resources especially for students. This site contains large collection of books on political and social history, classics on literature as well as large number of readings.

  1. Project Gutenberg:

This is entirely run by volunteers and one of the oldest digital libraries. This library has got over 48000 e-books and that too in different formats making it easier for the readers to access the same on different devices. This also contains a whole range of audio-books which can either be ready by a volunteer or even a computer.

  1. Feedbooks:

This site is mobile friendly making it easier for the mobile users to access the site and read the available content. This does not require the user to download the books and move it between the devices for access. Even though buying books from this website can cost an Indian customers huge amount, it still contain a free section of self published e-books.

  1. Baen Free Library:

Baen who is an American publisher emphasises on fantasy writing and fictional books. Their e-books are popular for being highly reasonable and due to the lack of DRM. They maintain a roster of well known authors to ensure the readers are able to easily find the book they are looking for.


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