Fiat Boss: Google and Apple May Disrupt Car Industry

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According to the Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne, the traditional motor industry should not be foolish to ignore the recent moves made by Apple and Google into the car technology. The chief executive of one of the world’s biggest carmakers stated that both the United States companies are “incredibly serious” about their ambitions pertaining to the automotives. He further added that both these companies move towards the driverless technology as well as the electric vehicles can certainly be disruptive for the automotive manufacturers.

Mr. Marchionne hinted about the plans of the tech giant at the Geneva Motor Show. He also added that it is quite exciting when someone wants to add new things to the market however if you are the among the among the people whose life might get disrupted due to this, then this addition might not be so good. Apple Company has numerous people working under the project titled ‘titan”. Mr. Marchionne added that he would like to talk to the company to work on their potential projects, as Apple’s vast resources are the toughest competition for any other company. He also added that neither Google nor Apple should underestimate the ability of the other carmakers to respond and adapt to the change in the industry.

Disruptive Interloper

According to Mr. Marchionne, Fiat-Chrysler’s brands like Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo are the companies who are critical for driving future profits. He added that all these brands have much higher immunity to what calls as the “disruptive interlopers” from Google and Apple. The main question that will always remain is no point of buying a Ferrari when the customers will not drive it. In the meantime, the Chief of Fiat also added that the recovery of the European car industry is continuing to gain strength. Even though speaking about the hell and the bloodbath, he is one of the most pessimistic of motor chiefs pertaining to the European sales.

He further added that the European market is not as tough and strong as it used to be before. He simply explained the current situation stating that none of companies is fighting tooth and nail for the last sale and the last dollar. He also added that the decrease in the value of the Euro was helping in exports including motivational action by the European Central Bank.

He also warned about the continuous conflict over the Russian-Ukraine situation is causing risks and setting back the recovery process. The economic consequences might have added impact on the Western Europe. Since Chrysler and Fiat are expected to continue to make profits linked with the sales of their big car and for the associated companies, looks like companies like Apple and Google might be targeting this market who are less concerned about any new products and more focused on the economy and cost of their products. Both Google and Apple can eventually target these markets with their new products to persuade more number of customers.


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