Geneva Motors Show: The Craziest Cars Displayed Ever

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Hollywood is known for Bentley and Rolls Royce, the Middle East uses Lamborghinis and Ferraris as the police cars and Russian use gold plated as well as armour plated Mercedes Benz, but on the hand, Geneva is known to be the home of the weirdest cars. No one knows as to why Switzerland has been home to so many bizarre cars but people have attributed this to the closeness of the country to Italian mountain passes and German autobahns.

Why the cars are so bizarre?

The most common reason given is the country being the tax haven and people give more importance to having more dollars rather than using common sense. This country is a clear depiction of no connection between taste and the money. Geneva Motors Show is known as one best European motor show of the year, where small however ambitious performance-car makers can compete with other companies and share their exhibits on the hall carpet with the big conventional brands. The Geneva motor show is about giving opportunities to carmakers irrespective of them being big or small to display their work and some crazy car designs.

In 2015, an eccentric Swiss company has created as car, which has been installed with periscope-style camera, which will be used for scanning the road ahead apart from a steering wheel, which can be stowed to enable the driver to browse the internet on the way to their work. “Buddy” or the Rinspeed Budii is the car concept at the current week in the Geneva motor show, which is still due to open on 4 March, Wednesday, Australian time. This Swiss firm based their latest flight of fancy on the the BMW i3 electric car, which is ripped apart and rebuilt to make it practically unrecognizable. This new version of the car is loaded with advanced equipment, which is more than what can be supplied by two-dozen technology suppliers.

The Periscope installed in the car uses the camera and laser technology to read the traffic and sense any obstacles, at the same time the steering wheel can be utilized as a makeshift table, where the driver can rest the laptop. This is during the time when the car is still finding its way through the traffic. The company has ensured that the steering wheel can be swiveled easily to either side of vehicle depending on the region its being sold. It can also be slid across when the driver is handing over the vehicle to passenger in case of being tired of driving.


A dedicated app has been built for the owners equipped with smart watched or smart phones allowing them to set the AC temperature before they can start driving apart from activating the electric car’s recharging cycle. The car is also equipped with iPad screens installed in the sun visors, apart from a TV or DVD player for the passenger. According to Rinspeed boss Frank Rinderknecht, autonomous driving will soon be a reality and it will change the interaction between the humans and automobiles.

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