BMW Unveils Remote Valet Parking Assistant

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Once again, the BMW Group, a global pioneer in automobile industry comes with BMW Active Assist that empowers the implementation of highly as well as partially automated systems in cars.

In October 2009, the BMW Group has presents its first automated demonstration of driving in all around North Loop at Nurburgring, which is one of the toughest racing track in the world. Later BMW Group developed the BMW Track Trainer that features superior performance on the racing tracks at Zandvoort, Valencia and Laguna Seca including home ground of Hockenheimring and the Lausitzring. In whole testing operation researchers of BMW Group gathered some important practical experience in extremely dangerous conditions at three different venues for vehicle control and its positioning. The few important findings were added in the research project known as BMW Emergency Stop Assistant. If car driver will collapses in case of any emergency such as; heart attack or any other medical emergency, so vehicle will turn into highly automated mode to steer safely to the side of roan and after that vehicle will initiate an emergency call.

In the middle of 2011, BMW Group tested on vehicle on A9 motorway from Munich towards Nuremberg without any kind of interventions from the driver. Whereas; in the meantime, this prototype research has been consistently improved and developed such as; the break of test vehicle, overtake process and accelerating power. All the time interventions are carried out in response to the traffic situation in the speed range of 0 to 130 km/hr in compliance to the highway standard code. Automobile specialists have driven more than 20,000 kms in test. This BMW vehicle is equipped highly responsive sensor systems such as; radar, ultrasound, lidar and camera recording on all sides.

Features of BMW i3:

This research BMW i3 have four advanced laser scanners to record external environment and identify the impediments and reliability of columns in quick time to prevent the threat of collision. In certain conditions if driver steers away from the obstacle or he will change the direction, so system will automatically release the breaks. So if due to environmental conditions driver is getting poor visibility, even then he can drive safely and with comfort. Like all the other BMW assistance systems, driver can override this research application anytime.

It is expected that fully automated Remote Valet Parking will be useful in multi-storey car parks as it requires dynamic and safe driving. In multi-storey car park if driver will use the Smartwatch to activate Remote Valet Parking Assistant on full mode, than the system will steer the vehicle independently at all levels and in this process driver can leave the car to attend the business meeting. This Remote Valet Parking Assistant is capable to recognize the structural features of car park and it can easily notice the obstacles that appear unexpectedly like; incorrectly parked vehicles and more. To save more time automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant can calculates the exact time when driver arrives at the car park and it starts up the BMW i3automatically and arrives at the car park exit at right time and right place.

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