‘Drunk Shopping’ Service Is Available In the US

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The world and its general economy have changed a lot in last 40 to 50 years, irrespective of the size, wealth, position of the country. With this massive transformation, the behavior of the customer or purchaser has moved to a certain new high, which is now been considered as the basic point of target of the seller community in general.

People are usually shopaholic, if there is ample or surplus money in the purse or in bank account. The massive outbreak of globalized economy that paves the way for retail business and supply chain business the buzz of the market and also establishment of big and multifarious super mall and markets those attracts the consumer to their fold. Not only this; with the breakthrough of internet, a new horizon has opened up for both the seller and the purchaser. Shopping became very easy and full of fun, without even physically visiting the shop.

“Drunk Shopping” – The exciting and Funny App

  • This interesting and funny app is quite a helpful support system that works on the deplorable condition of the customer, while under influence of an inebriated condition. “Drunk shopping” is the app, walks between thin line of fun and deplorability, which helps the user, while at home after an exciting night out, by sending text messages with buy offer of weird and interesting items.
  • The use of this service is quite interesting and simple for their users and provides innumerable offers that might be of immense potential with fun quotient. To begin with, signing up is the primary issue that has to be done at the very first instance; the user just has to text, literally, “heyyyyyy” and send the same to the designated number, e. g. 551-333-7865 (an authorized service provider) and the service will be activated. This simple act will authorize the “Drunk Shopping” to send the user a funny and weird text at around 2 am on every Saturday. These messages are featuring some of the most interesting offers, such as, oldest telephone set, encrypted books etc., those are available in online shopping sites.
  • After getting activated the Drunk Shopping, the service provider do not confined their service to the solitary message of an offer but sometimes lucky subscriber will get repeated texts from them, which would have been sent for convincing about the product and its effectiveness.
  • The shopping experience in “Drunk Shopping” is quite amazing and the user would be blessed with offer for which they don’t have to regret. This particular service is aimed for those people, who wants to have some sort of surprises in their life with full of fun.
  • These messages or offers will be continued till the user send the service provider gets the text message “STOP” from the lucky customer for stopping the service. In some way, the serial shopaholics are indulged in to this for a late night amusement and with an intention to burn their surplus money.

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