Eyewitness App Lets Smartphones Report War Crimes

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A new mobile phone app is expected to be launched on Monday. This app will enable the Smartphone users to record any evidences in any alleged atrocities and become an eyewitness. This app is expected to work anywhere around the world and will soon be available for download through reliable sources.

This Eyewitness App has been created by IBA also known as the London-based International Bar Association and will enable all the users to submit videos and images that can be used in court of law.

The initial aim of the Eyewitness App was bringing it to use for justice against the people who have committed some of the most heinous war crimes. The app aims at rectifying the issue by aligning the photography feature as making it into evidence.

The photos will not only be authentic but the court will be able to verify the date, time as well as the exact location where in the image was captured. Earlier videos and photos as evidences have received lots of flak because of authenticity. This app will make all this issues of past since it uses the tracking technology the stamp the image instantly.

There are increasing instances of digital manipulation of videos, photographs and images. People are now able to change the entire scenario leading to wrong judgments. This app records the exact pixels on each image, making it completely protected against any kind of digital manipulation.

With the increasing reliance of smartphones and easy dissemination of data and information, all the necessary data is easily available via different social media platforms, one thing has become quite prevalent in the recent time and that it the citizen reportage. This is very important in most of the court cases.

This Eyewitness App is being called as the EyeWitness to crimes and atrocities and has been designed at present for Android based smartphones; however the makers are working on making it adaptable on different devices and operating systems.

Since this Eyewitness App has been developed by Lexis Nexis, the London legal data firm, all the information that will be sent across by the users will be securely stored in the servers of the company in the United States of America.

The general counsel of Lexis Nexis, Ian McDougall, they do have an option available to delete the films once the users have successfully sent across all the data. This step has been taken to protect the senders of the information especially in the cases wherein third parties have tried to seize their phones.

The Eyewitness App has feature called the Kill Switch which will allow the users to completely wipe the data from their device and making it completely non-related to the evidences. If the situation becomes worse, then the users can certainly wipe away the app itself.

The team of IBA lawyers will assess of the data once it has been uploaded and encrypted in London. They will take the decision of sending evidences to any International war crimes tribunal. This is app meant for fighting for human rights.


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