Few Things DuckDuckGo Can Do That Google Can’t

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DuckDuckGo is driven by community not by simple algorithm. Advent of latest technologies has evolved the way we search for information. Now people don’t have the hassle of going through different websites as they have now options to rely of various search engines. The Knowledge graph feature of Google provides all the necessary information above the searched results in a neat box. This feature can carry out some cool actions when compared to other search engines.


Despite of all these features Knowledge graph has its own limitations. The biggest limitations being the discrepancies in the information provided. There have been instances for the same search query different results have been put forth by Google graph. If you are looking for Apple stocks information, you might end up getting the required results but if someone uses the same query, they will get current stock information along with additional graphs. These limitations encouraged people to search for alternative methods and the result was the discovery of DuckDuckGo.


This is a search engine famous for its utility and being a privacy-focussed search engine. This search engine is known for displaying similar results for the search terms used by various users. This is completely contrary to Google which basically filters out the search results based on the websites that have been visited by the users.

Users of iOS8 have the option of setting DuckDuckGo as their default search engine and they just need to enter the search query in their safari browser. Users also have the option of using this search engine in Firefox or Chrome. Making sure that the results are not personalized the search engine ensures that new sources keeps on adding to their database. So here we have a list of things that can be done by DuckDuckGo:

  1. App search- Users will be able to easily search for apps on the new search engine. This engine also displays alternatives apps in a neat carousel.
  2. Social media- Through this search engine, the users don’t have to leave the engine page just to view the social media profiles of others. Users just need to search for social media platform and search for specific username they might be looking for.
  3. Generating password- If you are not good in setting password, then the user can visit the search engine and type “Password 20” and get a 20-character password. Users have the options to change the number as well as the characters in the password. Users can also generate XKCD-style passwords if they find it hard to remember longer password.
  4. Expand or shorten links- Users have the option of searching websites link which has been shortened or shorten a website link which is long.
  5. Check number of character or change the case- Users have the option of checking the number of character by adding “chars” before or after the query. Apart from this the users can change the case of any sentence by adding the three terms like Title Case, lowercase or UPPERCASE before the sentence.
  6. Stopwatch- Through the engine the user can use the stopwatch.
  7. Website downtime- Users can easily check if any particular website is down through the search engine.
  8. Calendar- The users can search for calendar of any year even through the current date.
  9. Rhyming- The search engine allows the users to search for rhyming words anytime.
  10. Developers can search for answers that are not accessible by general public.
  11. Users will be able to search for the EMI through the handy loan calculator.
  12. Adding answers to the existing search engine.

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