From Client to Courtroom: 3 Reasons Your Case Management Software May Need an Upgrade

Written by prodigitalweb

Case management software is a necessity these days. With so much going on and such a massive amount if information, documents and correspondence, it’s impossible to function without computers and software. This is especially true with almost all types of case filing being on the increase.

Thing is we’re way past the days when case management software was an innovation. We’re already using it, as is pretty much everyone else. However, with technology always advancing, we should all be looking to keep our systems fresh and updated at all times. Sometimes that even means upgrading our hardware and even our software.

So why might you need an upgrade?

  1. To Get Better Support& Customization

One of the biggest issues around software in general is support. If it goes down or doesn’t work how it should, support is essential. A good provider will not only regularly update their systems to fix any known bugs & issues, they will also be easy to contact and quick to provide support.

Another piece of the software puzzle is customization. This and support are two separate points, yet both are part of the overall ‘user experience’. Having customization is essential these days because every firm handles things a little differently and wants to reflect that in their system. The “one-size-fits-all” approach just doesn’t work when dealing with different companies and different management styles. Some new case management software provides, such as Legal Files, offer plenty of customizability to work with, and the customer support to back it up.

  1. For More Integration & Function in Different Areas

Having a good amount of integration built in to your software is essential. It needs to auto-update so anything you change as an individual is reflected throughout the entire system. It also needs to have enough functionality to be usable for any type of area or info that’s required.

Switching between programs is also a pain, so having as much integrated into one piece of software as possible is a great way to boost efficiency. Cross-functionality with other common programs like word or excel is another great feature to have. This also goes for functionality with online programs and e-mail. The more that you have built in to one piece of software, the better.

  1. For Mobile Access

Mobile access could be the biggest factor for modern management software. With everybody constantly on the go, a lot of software and internet usage comes from mobile phones and tablets. In fact, from 2016-2017 around half of all traffic on the internet was from mobile devices. That means by not being mobile compatible, your software is potentially unusable around half of the time.

Mobile compatibility makes things much easier for your employees and helps them to keep the system updated at all times, so you have as close to “real time management” information as possible. The mobile access provided for your software also has to be safe and secure, keeping your security tight will allowing you to boost productivity.

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