Gamescom 2015

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Are you an ardent gamer? Does your day start with shooting people in Assassin’s Creed and end with scoring goals in FIFA 16? Then we have good news for you and all the enthusiastic Gamers across the globe. The world’s grandest event of computer and video games starts off at Cologne on and from 5th August, 2015. It will continue to thrill avid gamers and enthusiastic watchers till the 9th of this month. Here are some exciting things you would like to know about Gamescom 2015.

What exactly is Gamescom 2015?

If you are young and interested in the world of computer gaming and yet do not know anything about Gamescom, then you belong to a very unique group of human beings. Just for the record, Gamescom is the world’s largest computer and video gaming annual event organized by the Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software where companies arrive with their certain bunch of popular games and take part in the world’s largest trade fair for correlative games and entertainment. It is a platform where people all over the world get a chance to discover the latest games, check out the best games and have lots of fun.

About Gamescom 2015

This year, there is all this buzz about Gamescom taking entertainment to the ‘next level’. To start off, Gamescom 2015 is being organized in Cologne, Germany at a total area of about 194,000 square meters which is in fact 18 percent more space than it occupied previously. Moreover, it will showcase an unparalleled collective stand for developers that are independent namely the Indie Arena Booth. This unique Gamescom 2015 promises to deliver a more inclusive look and performance than ever at the entertainment world.

A few notable Gamescom 2015 facts

This year Gamescom brings a host of interactive computer games presented by a variety of software companies. Here are a few developments you should know of.

  • There have been a lot of improvements to the digital console of the Xbox One such as the all new DVR Functionality, a hoard of new exciting games etc. So many improvements make the Xbox One more irresistible than ever.
  • Microsoft is all set to release the redesigned Xbox One dashboard which is powered by Windows 10 giving a lot faster and easily navigable design.
  • Microsoft is going all out to reestablish the influence that Halo once had on e-sports by launching $1 million Halo World Championship later this year. Let’s all hope the new Halo 5: Guardians is up to the mark.
  • Realtime World introduces a new development in its Crackdown 3 version where gamers will be introduced to a Multiplayer experience. And it also assures 100 percent destructible environments. These certainly are bold claims that need a lot of expertise to be met.

How do you get there?

Private and trade visitors are welcome to Gamesworld 2015. All you need to do is book a ticket at its official website and be there between 6-9 August and experience the new developments in the gaming world.


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