Google adds 20 Languages to Instant Translate App

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Translating on the move has become more efficient and easy with the help of the Google Instant Translation app. The good news for all ardent Google Translate app users is that 20 more languages have been added to the Google Translate app and it can currently read 27 languages and can instantly convert the read text even without the aid of an internet connection. This new development on the Google Translate App would be available from next week and it will break new revolutionary grounds in the universe of Translation software.

What exactly is Google Translate App?

There might be still a few rare people left on earth who doesn’t know the answer to the above question. The answer to them would be that Google Translate App is software designed by Google which can translate from different languages to English and vice versa. It is a very helpful app for foreigners in an unknown country in need of instant translation. The Google Translate App operates in 3 ways to translate text differing with each other on the basis of input operations.

Firstly, the typing mode where the user types in whatever he is required to translate. Then comes the speaking mode, where the user is required to speak the text to be translated. The third and the most interesting is the camera mode. Here one just needs to point the phone’s camera at an object with text written on it and the text is automatically translated into the language of one’s choice. This mode is quite advantageous in its application as the user can read a book or a menu card using this mode. The camera mode is more advanced in the sense that it can translate up to 37 different languages.

What is the new development exactly about?

Avid Users of the Google Translate App would know that earlier Google Translate was able to translate seven languages namely- English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. The new development now enables it to translate between 27 languages. The added languages are, Catalan, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dutch, Danish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Filipino, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Finnish, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, Romanian and Polish. Hindi and Thai are the only languages where just one-way translations are available.

What More Can The App Offer?

A Translate Community is prevalent on which Google is reliant to improve the app’s translation skills. Here people can enter the correct translation of any word, phrase or sentence if he feels the given one is incorrect. He can also input translations of colloquial phrases, which are unavailable at the Translate app. In this way Google tries to engage human resources to improve translation skills of the app. Another aspect on which Google is working on is to deal with the unreliability of mobile networks. Its Translate App works even without an existing internet connection so that the users can enjoy a smooth and fluent conversation even using a slow mobile network.

The addition of the 20 more languages to the Google Instant Translate App does enhance its applications as only 20 percent of the current world’s population speaks English. Translation is thus essential for efficient communication.



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