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Microsoft Announces Windows 11 Preview Build 26227

Microsoft Announces Windows 11 Preview Build 26227
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Do you want to be in the first line to test new Windows 11 features? Then, you should know that the Windows 11 preview build 26227 is available at present in the Canary Channel. Microsoft has been creating new Windows features continuously to test for the Windows Insider program’s members. This time, Microsoft announced the preview build 26227 to the Canary Channel.

Preview Build 26227 brings new advanced features and solutions for common problems. Generally, these builds are for enthusiasts, IT Admins, as well as programmers, who are willing to test features and determine stability problems. Let’s see what can be expected from this latest Insider build.

What Is Included In Windows 11 Preview Build 26227?

Updated Copilot Experience:

The company is trying to evolve the Copilot experience on Windows as an app that is going to be pinned to the taskbar. It allows you to enjoy a traditional app experience. For instance, you can resize the window. Besides, it enables you to resize, move and snap the window. This model lets Microsoft develop the experience more agilely and optimize this experience, depending on the customer feedback.

In order to evolve the Copilot experience on Windows and make it an app pinned to the taskbar, the company is retiring the WIN + C keyboard shortcut. On the new devices that will ship with a Copilot key, you can find this key to open Copilot. But you have to use the WIN + (the number position for Copilot) to open Copilot for those existing devices that do not have the key.

Suggested Replies In Phone Link For Android:

Android users can see a new feature, i.e., Suggested Replies, in the Phone Link app. This feature is powered by Microsoft’s cloud-based intelligent suggestion model and can offer a seamless messaging experience.

When you want to message someone, you are going to view three relevant reply bubbles from which you have to choose. Once you select one of these options, it will reply immediately to the text. Ensure that you run Phone Link version 1.24051.98 or higher if you are willing to get this feature.

Updated Emoji:

Windows 11 Preview Build 26227 brings support for Emoji 15.1. This emoji version is available with phoenix, lime, and brown mushroom. Additionally, it introduces broken chains, vertical and horizontal shaking, and other new emojis. Besides, Unicode’s decision is another change for Emoji 15.1 that allows you to revert family combinations to different symbols like shapes. However, Windows has decided to continue using the existing style that uses people in family combinations. This company supports all new directionality updates for persons running, walking, kneeling with manual wheelchairs as well as motorized wheelchairs. Selecting right- or left-facing orientation is also possible for these emojis.

Settings Changes:

Now, you can see a new Linked Devices section. In order to access this section, you need to navigate to Settings. Then, you have to go to Accounts. Now, you should move to Linked devices. After that, you are able to access the connected Xbox consoles and PCs. You can see the new section on Windows 11 Home and Pro versions.

Fixes For Known Issues:

Are you one of the long-time Insiders? Then, you definitely know one thing about the company is that it always monitors the known problems available in Insider builds.

In this recent launch, several issues have been fixed. The Insider team has given solutions for these common problems.

  • [General]:

Recently, the team has given a solution for the issue of dropping frames in a few animations, especially with Task View.

Several insiders noticed that some apps aren’t starting on startup despite these being enabled in Settings as startup apps. In this case, you will see it Suspended in the Task Manager, but not appearing in the Taskbar. Now, the problem is resolved.

Some insiders found that a pop-up that needs permission to use the location is not appearing. This problem could further result in app issues without location access. But now the issue is fixed.

  • [Windowing]:

The company has resolved a problem related to showing tabs in Alt + Tab that can result in experiencing frequent explorer.exe crashes if you have many tabs.

  • [Widgets]:

It resolves the problem of the WIN + W keyboard shortcut not working properly, requiring you to open the Widgets board.

  • [Other]:

The company has fixed Explorer.exe crashes, which could impact voice access and live captions.

Known Issues:

  • [General]:

A few Windows Insiders get stuck on Build 26040 or Build 23620 in the Canary and Dev Channels. If it has impacted you anyhow and you are willing to get onto the latest build in the Canary or Dev Channel, it is essential to download the most recent ISO. Then, your job is to perform a clean installation. Then, you need to opt your device back into fligting in the Canary or Dev Channels.

Reminders For Windows Insiders In The Canary Channel: 

  • Builds that are introduced to the Canary Channel will not match to any particular Windows release, as the company tries out various concepts after getting feedback. However, these features could change later or be replaced or removed. Additionally, these are not going to be released beyond Windows Insiders. You can expect to see some features in future Windows releases once these get ready.
  • In the Canary Channel, several features are launched using the technology called Control Feature Rollout. The company wants to see how the features perform before it pushes them out to all in this channel.
  • In active development, a few features that are previewed with Windows Insiders can’t be localized completely. After finalization of the features, localization will occur over time.
  • If you want to get off the Canary Channel, you need to perform a Windows 11 clean installation. Insiders are unable to switch to a channel that receives builds having lower build numbers without performing a clean installation of Windows 11 because of the technical setup requirements.
  • You can see the desktop watermark in the desktop’s lower right corner for these pre-builds.
  • Copilot in Windows is available to Windows Insiders across global markets.
  • Downloading copilot in Windows as an app from Microsoft Store will be possible for customers in the European Economic Area.

The Bottom Line:

If you are one of those who run these builds from the Canary Channel, you can view new Windows 11 features before others see them. Remember that the features you use in the Insider Build can get changed during the update iterations. Whether you are willing to test something new and interesting Windows 11 features, Windows 11 Preview Build 26227 can meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. How do you stop Windows 11 from disabling preview builds?

You first need to navigate to Settings. Then, your job is to move to Update & Security. Now, you have to go to the Windows Insider Program. In order to view the options, you now have to go to Stop Insider Preview Builds. Are you in the Release Preview Channel or Beta Channel? Then, by flipping the switch you can stop getting these preview builds when the next major Windows release will be launched to the public.

  1. How do you get the Windows 11 preview build?

As soon as you have joined the Insider program, you need to know how to set up your windows to begin receiving the latest Insider builds. Your first job is to select the Start button. Next, your task is to select Settings. Then, you have to select Update & Security. Now, you need to choose the Windows Insider Program. Finally, you need to select get started.

  1. What is the latest Windows 11 build version?

The second as well as current major update to Windows 11 version is the Windows 11 2023 Update. It is called version 23H2, and the codename is “Sun Valley 3.”

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