Google Maps now works to tell us the waiting time in restaurants

Written by Andy Prosper

If you thought that indicating the calories you would burn by walking was going to be the most bizarre Google Maps could do, you were in error. The Google maps application comes back to surprise us and is already working on a new feature capable of reporting the waiting time in restaurants.

The truth is that Google Maps seems to be doing things well to continue reigning in the field of map apps. There are many who still remember with satisfaction the news that with Google Maps, parking the car will be easier.

Google Maps for your restaurant

Thanks to the new function of Google Maps, soon we can assess the choice of a restaurant also depending on whether we will have to queue or not. Something that can be very important not only to save time but because queuing can kill certain types of evenings such as romantic dinners.

From The Verge indicate that this update will reach Google Search and Maps “soon”, that is to say, that the incorporation is confirmed and guaranteed, but from Google have not yet chosen a date to include it permanently. The new function will have waiting times for almost one million restaurants around the world.

Once the option of waiting times is implemented, users will only have to search the restaurant on Google Maps and select a section dedicated to displaying an estimated wait in real time. And those who prefer to plan the plans in advance can also access a bar graph to know the usual statistics.

A job that comes long

Anyway, the waiting time of the restaurant will not be the only novelty about it. It will also provide a report on how much time people spend in the restaurant on average, or how long people will wait during peak hours. Google says the estimates are based on anonymous historical data, which is how it calculates waiting times for businesses like museums and other stores.

And it is that this Google Maps feature will be new for restaurants, but Google has previously introduced search cards that show the times when it is usually more complicated to be served for companies and public places in 2015.

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