Google’s New #myAndroid Taste Test

#myAndroid Taste Test
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Google’s Tool – #myAndroid Taste Test

Google has come up with a new tool known as the #myAndroid Taste Test which tends to assist in customizing your Android device wherein the test ask the user some questions such as `patterned or random’, `animated or static’ which it needs to answer instantly. Moreover it would also ask question as to what could be important to you like `I want quicker infor, I want something different, I want a cool look together with your experience level with Android.

On completion, Google will then bring up a few different looks which you may prefer wherein these could comprise of recommended apps for wallpapers, launcher, icons and widgets together with a keyboard. The links to individual app in the Play Store are offered for downloading with ease. Control is said to be one of the main features of Android though managing through the various app in the Play Store tends to be an overwhelming prospect particularly for newcomers.

Google’s new tool tends to be helpful by providing the user with a short, fun questionnaire, suggest few looks according to their preference and then offer links to the Play Store in order that downloading the app tends to get easy for the user. This #myAndroid Taste Test seems to be a solid tool of Google which is an appropriate choice for any Android user.

#myAndroid Taste Test Equipped – Rapid Queries

Once the decision has been made to purchase a particular phone, the difficult part is how to set the same. With regards to Android phone, there seems to be several choices on launchers, wallpapers, and icon packs.

At Pocket-lint there are new Androids which at times are on weekly basis and hence setting up of these phones according to preferences is a regular, tedious task and one tends to take plenty of time. In order to reduce the time taken in customising our Androids, Google has come up with a test equipped with rapid queries named #myAndroid Taste Test. The #myAndroid Taste Test has been designed to serve up the best launcher, wallpaper and icon set as per your choice wherein the user need to answer queries relating to squares or circles or if the user is of a geometric or organic kind of a person.

Besides these there are also some crazy questions portraying hotdogs or legs and the user has to decide on how to answer the same. Google urges the user to answer most of the questions rapidly.

Android/iOS – Positives/Negatives Aspects

At the end of the #myAndroid Taste Test, Google will then suggest many other elements for the user to add to his phone. The biggest benefit that Android tends to have over iOS are it several customization choices where Google is making attempt in making sure that the user takes full advantage of these choices with the #myAndroid Taste Test.

Though some may debate that OS choice seems to be the best, in fact both Android as well as iOS seems to have their own positives and negatives aspects though they tend to differ with regards to customization. Whereas Apple seems to stay in control all the time, Google tends to make your smartphone your very own. With Android running 9 out of 10 smartphones, Google inclines to feel responsible in assisting user in getting the maximum out of their smartphones.

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