Google Street View Can Now Extract Street Names and Businesses to Keep Maps Up to Date

Google Street View
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Google Street View: Your Street buddy!

Is your apartment in a street which winds through various alleys and leaves your head cloudy? Cab drivers are never able to identify your correct location? Doesn’t seem like much of a problem with the newest technological wonder, which just gets better with time. Google maps is probably the handiest thing in every smart-phone user and lay-man’s hand in today’s world, and to simplify things, it just gets better with time. Google street view as we know it has been easing our jobs since quite a few years now. Their famous 360 degrees’ camera equipped cars are easily spotted around cities which capture the narrowest alleyways to the tiniest shopping facades and monuments. The camera is equipped to collect images as well as produce information like street numbers, names and other businesses. Imagine a small start up which you started, within few days it shows up, right there on google maps, in your hand! How cool is that?

Problems in Google Street View and Solutions:

One issue faced by google maps is the blurring and distortions which over time has been fixed. ReCAPTCHA involves human crowd sourcing for identification of an image. Turning deep neural networks to turn blurred images into clearer context to at least 84.2% accuracy brings excellent results, as surveys reveal. Google has now made the model publicly accessible on GitHub through Tensorflow, an open-source machine learning software library by Google. Similar methodologies are used to capture Street names and other details, vastly helping in improvement of location efficacy, successfully omitting abbreviations and unnecessary content. Most helpful for people who find complicated apps and phones difficult to handle.

Google Street View and the newest development by the multi billionaire company has revolutionized the productivity of location. The automated system available helps in adding buildings and street numbers and names which otherwise is difficult to find on Google Street maps. Also, newest business additions and other listings are also included in this technology, making the search portal stronger. With time the technology will only improve, and bring information and obsolete locations to our fingertips in google street view.

Efficacy of Google Street View maps:

Combining location information from this portal along with address and business data, Google Street View will now effectively be able to map out an entire city with no knowledge of the nomenclature whatsoever. That is one heck of an achievement, again upgrading the name of the search portal and making it user friendly and accessible. Imagine how easily you will b able to locate the nooks and crannies of the city. How easy would it be to find businesses which are otherwise so obsolete that one would miss it in a jiffy!

Google and its revolutionary ideas have been and will always be recognized world-wide, expanding the company and taking it to heights which are unmatchable. Google Street View is a traveler’s best companion, bringing an unknown city to one’s hand within seconds, simplifying life and work. No need of hassles and late arrival to appointments and interviews, your life savior is right there in your hand, you just need to look out for it!

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