OtoSense makes Cars With Ears

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Car accidents are an existing problem globally and the causes are multiple. People who go through these terrifying episodes are often injured and in some cases, die. Their cars are damaged leading to high recovery cost. In fact, road crashes are a major leading cause of death around the world. To assist people startup OtoSense comes to the rescue by creating the world’s first sound recognizing software. Sounds are the first and foremost indication that warns us of immediate danger. It travels long distances through anything and can come from all directions. OtoSense, an infrastructure software company, aims to utilize the sound intelligence to curb car crashes.

Sounds are the first source of information that helps us to know about the condition of a machine. Therefore, it acts as a critical factor in maintaining of any machine with moving parts. This technology can identify sirens or sounds coming from engines or wheels and immediately warn the concerned person. OtoSense actually attaches the root of the information of the sound to the required set of monitoring tools for future purposes. The company headed by Sebestian Christian (CEO), is working with major automobile makers on this OtoSense software. The software can distinguish between a broad range of basic sounds that helps to translate it into a visual alert.

The technology designed for both cars driven by humans and automated cars provides the motors a sense of hearing that will help to detect the fault themselves before any problem thereby saving expensive maintenance cost. The OtoSense software is sensitive even to subtle changes that occur including changes in engines or breaks therefore automatically flagging potential problems where electronic sensors fail. There are accelerometers added to the vehicle’s windshield which in turn, turns out to be a microphone. These audio sensors are very helpful to unlock security measures for self-driving cars like change in weather conditions or conditions of the road.

The OtoSense company has developed a prototype app. It has been tested and the results are positive in as many as ninety five percent of the time. Keeping in mind the value of this software to the customers the makers have designed it in such a way that it can run on any hardware platform. A secure sound recognition platform where physical or virtual devices are employed and they work united to detect slightest change in events and describe them. OtoSense therefore comes as a boon to car owners who know the feeling of listening to a sound coming from their car and wondering how much money they have to spend. It will also be of great assistance and support for people with hearing loss as this software aims to recognize and translate the sounds into vibrations that can be felt or flashes that can be easily seen. Hence it can definitely be concluded that a hearing sense can make cars far more secure and dependable and it will automatically reduce the road mishaps all over the world marking this discovery as historic.

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