Point of Difference: How Video Chats Can Make a Difference to Your Bottom Line

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Singapore is fast becoming Asia’s Silicon Valley for financial technology startups, dubbed as fintech, TechinAsia reports. Plenty of these startups rely on video chats and conferences to get a lot of their work done. If your organization has yet to make the leap, here’s why you should and why you should be doing it now:

It Eliminates The Need For Travel

That’s really the first thing people think about when they think about the benefits of online video meetings. Travel time alone could cut into the day’s work-hours. With web-based meetings, you won’t have to worry about spending hours on the road going to and from the set meeting place. With zero travel time, employees are well able to make room in their schedules for more during work hours.

It Reduces Travel Risk and Stress

Getting to and from one place isn’t all that easy. There are plenty of things out there that are beyond our control. Bad weather, brutal traffic and even furry little animals that dash into the middle of the road could lead to accidents. With online meetings, employees can stay home and log into work from their home offices. That keeps them safe from possible road accidents as well as reduces any of the commuting stress they feel on a daily basis.

It’s Now Easier To Get To Meetings

“Sorry for being late. Was caught in traffic.” How many times have you heard that excuse or used it yourself? With video calls and chats, though, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or being home because of a bad blizzard. With the right software, you can easily connect to the meeting and be right on time for everyone. You won’t ever have to hold up a meeting again simply because of the traffic or bad weather conditions.

Meetings Can Now be Shorter

Unproductive meetings can drain your company’s bottom line. With video though, as soon as everything’s done, you could log off and get back to work in minutes. You have less delays to deal with and can easily avoid the pressures and tortures of engaging in small talk.

It Improves Engagement

During chat and voice conferences, it’s easy for someone to pretend they’re listening when they’re just surfing the net, doodling on a notepad or watching something else on their screens. Those are not so easy to pull off, though, during an online video call. The face to face interaction alone helps improve engagement among participants. You’re more likely to see them interested and participating in the discussion. With a BlueJeans group video chat online software that comes with HD clarity, it’s easy to feel like the people on the screen are just right in the room with you.

It Prevents Misunderstandings

It’s tough to discuss project revisions and assignments through email. Vague reminders or emails could lead to a lot of trouble and costly mistakes. Even if it didn’t, it still takes time to clear insufficient, incomplete or vague instructions. That’s time away from work, which means you aren’t optimizing your resources simply because of inefficient communication modes. Instructions are much easier to understand when they’re done vie video meetings, though. You don’t just save on time, you greatly reduce the chances of misunderstandings from happening from the get-go.

It Builds Better Customer Relationships

Customer service quality is a major point of difference for customers. By using video chats, companies can reach out to customers in a way they never have before. Face to face interaction enhances the experience. It also makes it easy for companies to walk customers about the use of their products to help pinpoint possible problems or weak areas in the design of the products or services they roll out, the Asian Entrepreneur says.

It Provides Instant Access

That doesn’t just work for team members, it also makes it easy to reach out to experts in the field. Need help from an offsite department? No need to head on over to the site or to go through long and confusing email threads for sets of instructions. With a simple video call, you can reach out to those experts, take advantage of their expertise and ask for their assistance through video and it’s a go. Video conferencing systems designed with collaborative-ready features mean you and the person on the other end of the screen can both send documents, files, videos and other materials during the call. It also means you can both view and revise pages and files so it’s easy to point out sections or talk about specific parts of a report.

With video calling technology, startups in the country are more than ready to get ahead of the competition. If you want to make sure your organization is ready for the future, there’s no time like the present to get started on those online meetings.


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