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DJI Spark
Written by Andy Prosper

The technology advanced DJI Spark is not only significantly smaller than the competitors, but also offers innovative functions such as gesture control. We have tried the drumming.

The performance of the mini-drone DJI Spark was a real surprise – many fans had expected a racing technology advanced drone, but the maximum speed of 50 km / h is clearly too slow. In the end, this gadget is a fun device that is mainly aimed at beginners. So you can control the gadget is completely of the hand gesture: for example, advanced technology drone can be lifted from the palm of the hand, maneuvered to a certain place in the room by gesture, can shoot on command pictures and then land good again. In addition, it offers an active track function, which means that competitors like the GoPro Karma can not master this advanced technology drone.

 Mini DJI Spark

Speaking of expensive: With 600 euros in DJI webshop, this advanced technology drone is cheaper than other models of the manufacturer, but definitely not a bargain. If you buy only the basic package, the drone can only be controlled by smartphone app or hand movement. The maximum speed of 50 km / h can only be achieved with the optional remote control, which costs 180 euros. The “Fly-More” package offers a better price-performance ratio: for 200 euros extra charge you get not only the remote control, but also a second battery, a charging station for three batteries, a shoulder bag as well as propellor protection.
Very Compact Drone
The DJI Spark made with sophisticated advanced technology is fascinatingly compact and light, so it weighs 300 grams less than half as much as the twice as expensive DJI Mavic Pro on the scales. However, you also have to cut back: The Spark stays in the air with a battery charge for only 16 minutes, the Mavic Pro creates 27 minutes. In addition, this technology advanced Spark can not rate 4K videos, but reaches a maximum 1080p with 30 fps. RAW photos in the DNG format are also reserved for the more expensive DJI drones. In addition, Spark only uses a gimbal with two rather than three axles. There are some videos available over online that shows the image quality of the internal camera of the DJI Spark

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