HDMI ARC: Everything You Need to Know

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It is a new technology that you can find in new home-theater systems. The main job of the HDMI ARC is to transfer the audio signal from  cable to the TV.

What is the ARC feature?

HDMI ARC denotes High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel. It allows to send and receive replies from both connected device and the TV via an HDMI cable. You can control the ARC using a single remote only.

HDMI ARC Adaptor

HDMI ARC adapter has a display that supports ARC. It uses an High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable to share audio and video from TV to Sound bar or any other receiver. It helps the users by minimizing wiring for both audio and video.

How The HDMI ARC Differs From HDMI

Usually, both HDMI and HDMI ARC are quite the same. What differs both of them  is the receiver.  The device where you are going to connect the cables should be ARC compatible. If it is not, then it doesn’t work. You can see a port in most of the soundbars. While using the ARC, you can send audio signals between  your TV and other connected devices. High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel helps you to transfer a video to the TV through an HDMI cable. And during that time, High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable usually sends and receives signals to the TV.

How The HDMI Feature Employed in Smart TV

Samsung Audio Return Channel

If you want to control the volume of High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel connected devices, then you can take the help of your TV remote. Here, we have given a few points following which you will be able to understand the process.

Step 1: First, you need to make sure that you have a high-speed HDMI connection. Most of the HDMI cables usually have high-speed ratings. These cables have various cable ports and sides. You should not use a very old High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable.

Step 2: Now, you need to connect the cables to the respective ends carefully. For doing this, you have to insert one side of the line into the High-Definition Multimedia Interface port. You can get the HDMI ARC port on the Smart TV. As soon as you connect the first input port with the cable, insert the other end of the line to the TV’s respective ports. Then, you have to turn on both devices. In most of the cases, TV can connect the ARC connection automatically.

Step 3: Lastly, you have to complete the set-up procedure. Sometimes, your TV can’t identify the High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel connection. To overcome the issue, thou can set up the TV manually. You only need to access the Settings menu to do so. As soon as you open the HDMI control / Expert settings menu, turn on the HDMI ARC option. When the ARC is connected with the TV, your TV deliver output to the ARC connected sound systems. In case you want to transfer the sound output to the TV speakers, you need to get access to the sound settings again. After gaining access to it, go to the menu bar and then change the output settings of the TV.


If you want to transfer audio files with the help of a single High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable, then you can use the High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel. You can connect the Blu-ray players, set-top box, and different gaming consoles to the TV by using it. After getting connected with the gaming consoles, TV will send the audio files to the Home theatre system. High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel comes with high-resolution audio capacity and Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio features.

HDMI-eARC is known as HDMI Enhanced Audio Return Channel. It is the updated version of the High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel. The prime advantage of the HDMI eARC is that it has got a massive increase in bandwidth and speed. With the help of it, you can send high-quality audio from the TV to a soundbar. Or you can send it to the AV receiver. The HDMI eARC can offer you 32 channels of audio, eight-channel, 24bit / 192kHz uncompressed data streams, etc. All the data will be uploaded up to 38 Mbps.


ARC, known as Audio Return Channel, is one of the High-Definition Multimedia Interface systems available in a few TVs and soundbars. It can be set-up easily, but the only drawback is that it is very expensive.With ARC, you can use a single HDMI connection to send audio from the TV to the Soundbar.

First, you have to connect the audio system with a single HDMI cable. After connecting the audio system, connect the soundbar to the TV. You can take the help of an ARC-capable port in this case.

High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel Set-Up

Here, we have given the set-up for High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel . Look at the steps to know about it.

  • First, you have to connect one end of a high-quality, high-speed HDMI cable with the TV.
  • After that, you need to connect the opposite side of the cable to the input port of the TV.
  • Next, your job is to fix the HDMI Control setting on the receiver. And then, tap on the menu bar or home button, whatever is available in the remote.
  • Then, go to settings and click it to open. After that, tap on the Enter button and then choose the HDMI Control. Next, click the Enter button again and choose ON or CTRL ON. Then, again click on the Enter option.
  • Now, what you have to do is to fix the configuration of HDMI settings on the TV. Here, tap on the Home button or menu bar first. It is available on the TV remote. Then choose settings—> HDMI—> Control for HDMI—> ON.
  • Thus, Complete your setup and exit.


In this article, thou can get to know about HDMI ARC (High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel) in detail. If you still have any questions, do ask us by commenting. We will solve your queries as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can you use HDMI ARC as a normal HDMI?

Yes, you can use High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel as a regular HDMI because it has an all-in-one solution. When you connect a normal HDMI cable into the ARC port, it will work as a standard High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

  1. How can you use an HDMI Soundbar with ARC?

These are the steps that will let you know about the process of using the soundbar with ARC. Let’s have a look at these steps.

  • First, you have to plug in one end of the HDMI cable to the soundbar’s High-Definition Multimedia Interface output port.
  • Then, you need to connect the opposite end with the ARC HDMI IN port on your TV.
  • At last, you need to switch on any device that is connected with an HDMI cable.
  1. Can I get HDMI ARC on all TVs?

Televisions that have launched recently in the market come with High Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel compatibility. It is a typical standard system that every brand should keep on TVs, soundbars, etc. A device that supports the High-Definition Multimedia Interface 1.4 standard can also support ARC as well.

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