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Apple Music Vs Spotify- Which is Best?

Apple Music Vs Spotify
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Apple Music vs Spotify, which one should I choose? Do you also want to know the answer to this question? When it comes to music streaming, it is not easy to select any of these. Spotify has a great impact on the new music market. And it has more than 10 million paid users. The company has got 11 million paid users at the end of 2019. Now, they have more than 120 million users.

Apple Music is a company that has recently entered the market. It is famous for its large library, radio, and so on. Here, people can get the whole iOS nature of Apple. The company has got about 60 million paid users for this new feature. However, Apple still doesn’t let us know about it’s number of subscribers officially. It is the report of June 2019. According to the recent updates, Apple has got 72 million subscribers in 2020.

Apple Music Vs Spotify- Which is Best?

Streaming quality:

For the case of Apple, it can stream music at 256kbps. In the AAC audio format, it represents all its different new hits and old songs . Besides, you can find here a high-quality Bluetooth codec, AAC, that is very efficient. If you use cellular data to stream music, then it will reduce the quality of streaming.

On another side, you can hear clear and louder music while using Spotify. It can adjust the streaming quality depending on the connection strength. It doesn’t matter whether you are using cellular data or wi-fi. Using the Ogg Vorbis codec at up to 320kbps, the app can stream music easily. People who are paid members of the company can get 320kbps streaming speed. But for those who have a free account can get speed up to 160kbps.

However, if you are a normal user, then you can use any of these. In case you have a poor internet connection, then you should use this one. Because it can help you experience variable speed in any area. Do you want to download plenty of music? Then, you can use it. With the help of this app, the paid members can save up to a thousand music at a time. Music that is downloaded can be saved on up to five different devices.

Price and subscription options

Spotify Vs Apple Music which is worth for money paid? Both of these two apps offer a free three-month trial period. The trial period of apple music usually costs $9.99, £9.99, or AU$11.99 a month. If you want to make a family plan, it will cost $14.99, and for students, it costs $4.99. Using the premium version, people can stream any music according to their preferences. Besides, people can listen to music when they are offline by saving the songs in the library.

On the other hand, when it comes to say about Spotify, then we need to say that people who live in the same region can get a Premium Duo subscription for $12.99 (£12.99, AU$15.99). For the case of students, it allows them to access Hulu and Showtime as part of a Premium subscription. It offers the two music services with a free, ad-supported tier. Using the Apple one, the free users can stream Beats1 Radio or listen to their favorite music from the iTunes library.

Social sharing:

You can scan the codes of Spotify with the help of a camera for sharing playlists. While using it, you can follow your friends and know the songs’ names that they prefer to listen to. These codes help you to share different music tracks, playlists, albums among friends. It acts as a custom QR code that allows you to scan it with the camera.

But you can only share the songs with your friends using the codes only when both of your friends and you are in the same area. In both cases, you can get all the new updates of your favorite artists. It helps you to keep up to date with all the recent posts and releases.

In the Apple one, most famous musicians prefer to post updates of their music-related content. As a result, people can easily find all the music content in it. Besides, when you use the Apple one, you can easily find the profiles of your friends. But for this, your friends need to save your phone number in their contact list. You can also follow your friends if you are on the friends’ list of your friends on Facebook.

Apple Music Vs Spotify in Group Sessions

It has such Group Sessions that allow all the Premium subscribers to use shared playlists and playback music. The Apple one is unbeatable in this case. However, in case you want to get a free service, Spotify is the best.

Usually, the Apple one supports all Apple devices. And it becomes the best when you want a voice control on HomePod. On the other hand, Spotify has more cross-compatibility in other devices. It is the reason why people want to choose this app rather than selecting the Apple one. When it comes to combining songs, Apple music does its best. It can easily combine songs from its vast library with new tunes that the users want.


Content and recommendations:

People can get excellent music albums from both apps. There is no app that can beat Apple Music in music content libraries. As it has a lot of songs in its library, you can easily get your favorite artist’s music. It is famous as it can make deals with popular artists like Drake and Taylor Swift. You can get exclusive offers throughout the year by using this app. If you want to get these offers, then you have to subscribe to it. People who don’t subscribe yet can get the three-month free trial only. Besides, users can access many on-demand radio shows like Beats1. Every day you can get here around 40,000 additional music. It also gives over 700,000 podcasts to their users.

It has a “For You” feature that can offer songs based on favorite artists. If you want to find your famous artist’s music, then you need to click one or two times on the song. Whether you don’t want to hear the music, then press for a while on the option. As soon as you like any song, it will be added to a list. But the process is very time-consuming for the users. It allows you to take songs, albums, and playlists that help you to make a list of similar songs.

Apple Music Vs Spotify Who Wins in Content Delivery

However, despite having more music content in Apple Music, people love to choose the Spotify. Here, the songs are categorized according to their types. It can provide those types of music that the users love to hear. However, if you want, you can surely find out your favorite music from here. Therefore, as the songs are categorized, you don’t feel irritating while searching for music from the list. Besides, you can see the recommendations for every new search at the bottom of every playlist.

It has many custom playlists like Discover Weekly. In this type of playlists, you can find plenty of new songs being generated. It has a separate music album where people can find all the latest hit songs together. It has podcasts that are a big advantage of this one. But, the apple music is also preferable as it combines all the files together.

The user experience

The launch interface of Apple Music is hard to use. The old version of the interface was very slow. But do you know how to use it? Here, we have given the details that let you know how to use it. First, you need to click on the ellipsis option. Here, you can see five options that are: play next, add to the library, add to a playlist, share, lyrics, and download. Each of these things consists of five sections, that are Library, For You, Browse, Radio, and Search/store. You can take help of the sub-sections also to find every new music and playlist. In the library, you can get all the old and new songs. You can see here the files of your smartphone, CD-ripped WAVs, playlists, saved music, downloaded songs, etc.

In the case of Spotify, you can bring the local files into its interface. But you can’t get the files at a place together. It is the drawback of this app. Apple Music is better in this case as it can store the files together easily. The interface of it comes in grey color with silver coating.

You can see different types of context-based playlists on the home page of the app, along with new updated global charts. Besides, you can see here an option that contains all the songs you have listened to already. This app also has a new ‘Concert’ tab that is perfect for those people who love to hear music. Here, we don’t get the result of Apple Music vs Spotify.


For the Apple Music, while you are going to register, you need to tap on the red circles. Here, you can see a lot of music and artists that can amaze you easily.

In the new update of the app, you can get the songs ‘Love’ or ‘Dislike’ option. You can get it only by tapping on the screen. This feature impresses mainly the old users who eagerly want something new. If thou are using the iOS app, you have to tap on the ‘For You’ heart. As soon as thou click on the option, you will get to see a list of daily updated playlists. Get Up!, Chill, New Music, and Favourites are some examples of new playlists. It gives many offers throughout the year to its regular users. The main feature of the app is Discover Weekly. It uses a ‘deep learning’ system to make a playlist of 30 songs every Monday.

But the Spotify has playlists like Discover weekly and Release Radar. If you want to get new playlists, it should be your first choice. But for the radio lovers, the Apple one is best.

Video and radio

These are not only famous for music. You can get multiple video content in both cases. When it comes to the radio system, the Apple one is the best. It can offer the best radio sound. As a user, you must want such a radio on your phone that can give you a clear and loud sound. In this case, you should choose Apple Music 1 as it is a Live 24/7 global station.

As per the updates, Apple is going to launch two more radio stations this year. Apple Music Hits is the first one that contains pop songs of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. On the other hand, there is Apple Music Country where you can get country music.

But in the case of the Spotify, it only gives suggestions from the previous history.

Sound quality

People prefer to use the 256kbps AAC files that are available on Apple Music’s iCloud library. Those who want to hear music by their free accounts can use the web player of Spotify or Chromecast at 128kbps. If you are a paid member of it, then you can listen to music at 256kbps. It allows you to play different songs on your Phone. But it can only work for the local files as these are not stored in the cloud. You can get podcasts only from its services. For the case of Apple, it divides the podcasts into a separate podcast app.

Apple Music Vs Spotify Conclusion: 

As a user, we must want to get the best benefit while choosing between Apple Music vs Spotify.Here, you can see brief details of the difference between these two. You can get there all the big artist names and favorite songs. However, for those people who want to find and share music, the Spotify should be the best choice.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Should you switch from Apple Music to Spotify?

If you are using an Android phone but want to use this app on it, you may need to do so. You should use the Apple one only when you have an iPhone.

  • Apple Music vs Spotify—which company has more users?

As per the new updates, Apple has recently crossed more than 60 million users. According to the company, it contains more paid users than Spotify, which is the United States record. The total number of users is more than 100 million while comparing it with the Apple one.

  • Why is Spotify very famous?

This company has been trying to improve the video streaming service, music sharing system for many years. Besides, the users can play music for free here that makes it more attractive to the people.

  • Can you use Apple music for free?

People love to use the company as it doesn’t give any ads while streaming music. Therefore, you can now enjoy plenty of different music songs and the music library. If you have subscribed to their services, you can listen to songs at any time whenever you want.

  • What is the process to get Spotify Premium without paying?

If you are an Android user, you can take the help of a cracked app. With the use of this app, you can enjoy all the features of the original app. Here, you don’t need to pay money. But you will not be able to use all the features. For getting the benefits of the app, you need to install the cracked app first. You can install it on your Android phone and tablet. Then, you need to sign up for a free account.

  • Is there any chance of losing music, whether you cancel Apple music?

Yes, when you cancel it, you may lose the tracks that you have already downloaded. The songs of the users account are dependent on the subscription. That’s why as soon as you cancel the subscription, you won’t get the songs available in your account. You will lose all the songs that you have already downloaded.

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