iOS 8.2 May Launch Monday With New Health Features

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The latest iteration of the Apple’s popular operating system iOS version 8.2 is all set to launch on Monday with more new features. Apple enthusiast are looking forward to new and improved health features along with the fixes of the major and minor bugs issues which had relegated the user experience to a certain level in the past. Interestingly the launch date of the new version of the OS happens to coincide with the date when it is supposed to give more details about the much awaited Apple Watch.

Apple Watch to Enter In Crowded and Competitive SmartWatch Market

Apple Watch has made its way into an overly crowded and highly competitive market which doesn’t lack on alternatives. Apple has clearly understood this and they has focused their efforts at building a watch which performs both as a modern SmartWatch and as a health and fitness monitor. Apple is very much interested in educating its fans and customers about the features and uses of its smart watch by placing the very same app in the newer OS version 8.2. This move will help in capturing the attention of the consumers and unleashing the health features quietly in an engaging manner.

The Neo Health Features In iOS 8.2

  1. Users can select from the different units of measurements for body weight, temperature, height, blood glucose and distance.
  2. Improved stability while dealing with huge amount of data.
  3. Improved functionality to add and visualize workout sessions even from third-party apps.
  4. The Units of vitamins and minerals fixed.
  5. Resolved the issue where Health data fails to refresh after changes in the data source order.
  6. Resolved the issues where some graphics fails to show ant data values.
  7. Issue related to inability to add photo in Medical ID resolved.
  8. Apple adds a privacy setting which enables the turning off the tracking steps, distance and flights climbed by the user.

Other Important Enhancements for improving Stability

Apple had made some major improvement in some of the basic and core features and lent a much needed stability for better functionality. This includes increasing of stability of mails, Flyovers in Maps and Music along with improvement in Voice Over reliability and connectivity with made for iPhone Hearing Aids.

Bugs Fixed By Apple in Latest OS

A lot of effort has been given in eradicating the fixing the issues related to bugs which hinders the app capability to a certain degree and spoils the user experience.

  1. Map issues are fixed where users where unable to navigate to some favorite locations.
  2. Issue related to the last word inability to get autocorrected in quick reply message fixed.
  3. Issue related to the duplicate iTunes purchased content preventing the iCloud from restoring.
  4. Resolved the issue where some music or playlist didn’t syncs from the iTunes to Music app.
  5. Bluetooth calling issue wherein no audio is heard unless call is answered by the user.
  6. Calendar events issue of automatically showing as ‘busy’ after accepting an invite is resolved.
  7. Organizer’s Exchange meeting notes getting overwritten in certain cases is resolved.


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