iPhone 8 Could Use OLED Displays, Bringing Longer Battery Life and a Redesign of iOS

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New Screen Technology with iPhone 8

According to reports Apple intends to start using brand new screen technology starting with its iPhone 8, possibly bringing in huge improvement in the life of the battery. Nikkei Asian Review reports that the company would be switching to new OLED screens from 2018, if it tends to continues with its pattern of launching a full new phone each year and an `S’ model. Due to the way in which the screen works, an update would probably bring with it a complete redesign of iOS, a software powering iPhone and iPads. The OLED screens are considered to be more efficient when they are utilised to show screens that are mostly black which means that the operating system would be possibly redesigned to black rather than the colourful and often white look which it tends to have presently. The OLED screens tend to provide better contrast and good battery lives since they only light up the parts which are needed to show colour. However, they seem harder to make and are frequently less efficient. The Apple Watch is believed to use an OLED display but it has not been referred by Apple which enables the Watch to create a deep black colour and also save on battery.

Apple Continues to Invest in LCD Screens

The redesign of iPhone 8 if any would possibly follow the Apple Watch which is concentrated around a black background with bright icons. Jony Ive Apple design head had referred to the iOS interface as `old’ when compared to the Apple Watch one and hence it is possible that the new iPhone 8 would copy from the wearable. However, the company has shown that it avoided utilising the same technology for its iPad as well as its iPhone 8. It has mentioned that the adjustments in putting the technology on a much bigger screen such as problems with over-saturation could mean that it has held off putting it into its bigger devices. The news repeatedly tends to report from well-connected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who writes that Apple manufacturers continues to invest in LCD screens and the OLED production seems to be still low which means that Apple is unlikely to switch over for the iPhone 7 or 7s.

OLED Displays in iPhone – 2018

As per Korean times that quoted a `high ranking industry executive’, Apple has turned to Samsung for small size OLED display for its future iPhones. However, the Cupertino tech company is yet holding initial talks with the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer for the implementation of OLED displays in iPhones which is expected somewhere in 2018. This would mean that the iPhone 7 would ditch the OLED displays instead of the usual LCD displays. According to a source who did not wish to be named, had informed `The Kores Times’,that recent talks with Samsung Display and Apple in the supply of its small sized OLED displays for its next iPhones would be released within a few years. Samsung Display, Samsung’s Display manufacturing arm, is presently building OLED display for its high-end Samsung devices though there seems to be plenty of pressure on the Korean tech giant to have only one client for OLED screens. LCD panels for iPads and certain iPhone models are presently manufactured by Samsung Display. However LG Display tends to manufacture the majority of the iPhone display components. The latest partnership report of Apple and Samsung Display brings in a refreshed sense of competition in the field of industry.


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