LG Unveils a Fridge That Opens Itself When You Walk In Front of It

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LG’s – Fridge that Opens When Human Passes in Front of It

At the recent CES, LG had announced about its latest range of home electronics which included a fridge that tends to open when a human passes in front of it. The self-opening fridge tends to sense when a human moves past it and cracks open its door. The door cracks open automatically when it senses a human’s foot in front of its low embedded sensor, which means that it cannot be opened by unscrupulous passing pets.

But one would still need to open the door fully. The fridge which is a part of the company’s new Signature range tends to feature a Wi-Fi display in an opaque windowed section that goes transparent and lights up internally whenever one knocks on the door, exposing its contents. LG has also announced the LG Signature Washer washing machines featuring touchscreen controls embedded in the glass door as well as doubles as a dryer. Moreover it sends notifications to the smartphone when the load is complete or when additional detergent may be needed. As per Dr Scott Ahn, LG’s Chief Technology Officer, the company has been working on a variety of new smart products which comprise of smart vacuum cleaners.


Utilised as Surveillance System for Home/Cleaning Functions

He informed the Telegraph that `if they tend to add camera system and internet connectivity, then it could be utilised as a surveillance system for the home, not just for its cleaning functions’. It is furnished with a system which reduces noise and vibration during washing and has the ability of running two loads at the same time. LG is also well-known for evading the more unusual types of products showcased at CES and focuses on practical solution for the home. Dr. Ahn has mentioned that `consumers do not essentially want brand new gadgets but want to be connected with traditional devices. Hence they are respecting that with simplicity and legacy products with connectivity’.

The Twin Wash washing machine which was the company’s first to handle two separate loads at one time was a hit at the electronic show last year. Moreover, it introduced a brand new selection of LCD televisions, though it removed three dimensional abilities. Dr Ahn had stated that `three dimensional tends to be diminishing. Till there is totally glassless technology for three dimensional, it is soothing lower and we are able to give customers the precise abilities with virtual reality’.

LG Worked with Google – Daily Objects

The new mobile phones K10 and K7 will be unveiled later, featuring 5.3 inch and 5 inch respectively. The organization had also introduced the LG Signature OLED 4K TV which is about 2.57mm thick and had the potential of developing one billion colours. The speakers that tend to work as a stand can be folded behind the glass from the screen to enable wall mounting.

LG has also worked with Google in developing the daily object, online of products and is dealing with vehicle companies for instance, Vehicle and Volkswagen in order to supply in-vehicle parts, ranging from electric motors to infotainment systems. Dr Ahn had stated that `except the body and tires, we have been participating in every element of the automobile for several years.


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