Mercedes-Benz Adds Lane Changes to Its Autonomous Driving Offerings

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The auto industry is going through a great invention phase where every major automobile manufacturer is developing autonomous driving cars. This sudden revolution is brought by the imminent challenge from the tech companies like Google and Apple which had been making remarkable breakthroughs in the self-driving cars. Mercedes Benz has announced that it will add some lance changing capabilities of autonomous driving on its new E Class cars in next spring.

Autonomous Driving : A simple activation will bring lane changes

People driving at the highway speeds will be just required to activate the turn signal and the car will switch the lanes on its own given the fact that it is safe to do. Daimler is so far being considered as the leader in the autonomous driving but this particular new feature isn’t new as it has been seen in the Tesla’s autopilot just a few months back.

How the Active Lane Change Assist works?

Automated lane change will work in a condition where a car must travel at a speed between 50 mph to 112 mph and possesses a steering assist in activated state. It should be noted that the steering assist features helps in keeping the vehicle in the center of the lane. Once the driver activates the turn signal for more than two seconds then the car’s sensors will set into motion to determine whether a safe lane change can be made in next three seconds or not. If everything feels safe for the vehicle then system will change the lanes. The new E-Class with lane change feature will rely on camera and radar to ensure there isn’t anything the car’s path and it will also identify the lane markings. Mercedes Benz had stated that this system of autonomous driving will work only on multilane highways at the moment.

Benefits of having lane change capability

Mercedes has added the lane changing capabilities in its autonomous driving module which will simply reduce the pressure from the driver in typical lane changing situations. It will allow a chance to the driver to keep its focus on what’s happening on the road in a better fashion. There is also an addition of Active Blind Spot Assist along with the Active Lane Keeping Assist which is designed to prevent the accidents on the road.

Mercedes Benz lane set to autonomous driving less enjoyable part of driving

Mercedes Benz has stated in the news release that this system will not make driving less fun at all rather it will help the motorist in the less enjoyable part of the driving. Automakers are going to face some stiff questions from the motorists who love the pure joy driving and don’t want such features which in sake of safety offering will make driver less careful and more dependent of the autonomous driving technology.


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