Microsoft Band, Powered By Microsoft Health

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Microsoft Band – First Device Powered by Microsoft Health

Microsoft Band which is the first device that is powered by Microsoft Health provides help in achieving wellness goals by tracking heart rate, calorie burn, steps and sleep quality. Besides this, it also helps in being more productive with calendar alerts and email previews and all this can be done at the wrist.

Microsoft Band functions across platform on Windows Phone, Android and iPhone. Microsoft Health, a new service helps individuals to live a healthy life by providing insight which is based on the gathered data from fitness devices and app that are used daily and is designed to work for the user irrespective of the which phone they tend to have or services that are used. It makes tracking personal fitness easier, more understandable and complete.

Microsoft Health is considered a cloud based services helping in living a healthy life. The activity tracking devices such as Microsoft Band, smart watches as well as mobile plus service such as RunKeeper or MyFitnessPal tend to get connected easily to Microsoft Health.

Utilising the fitness data together with the Intelligence Engine in the cloud, Microsoft Health offers valued personal insights enabling the individual to reach their fitness goals.

Microsoft Health App Utilises Phone’s Motion Tracker

Microsoft Health is the start of an amazing journey undertaken to help people live a healthier life. Individuals would now be able to use the information collected from various devices and services to get an understanding on the entire days with regards to nutrition, fitness, work and rest.

Microsoft Health is designed to work irrespective of the phone one tends to have, or the device one wears or the services used. With the power of the cloud platform, it has the ability to combine the data from all the devices as well as the services one tends to use to provide a more complete and understanding information on fitness.

The Microsoft Health app utilises the phone’s motion tracker in order to help tracking daily steps as well as calorie burn and obtain an understanding on the activity. It sees how an individual’s steps compares to another person and starts tracking one’s fitness activity and health data via the Microsoft Health.

Built in the Cloud

Microsoft Health, built in the cloud, will continue evolving offering improved experiences as well as valuable data over a period of time. Sharing with Microsoft Health will provide accurate and helpful insights and as the fitness community together with the devices and services partnerships develops, it will be capable of generating the best wellness visions.

The Intelligence Engine which is at the heart of Microsoft Health utilises all that is learnt as a company with regards to cloud technology as well as hardware innovation, making it to work for an individual.

With security and data privacy, as top priority, it is committed in providing valued, personalized fitness understandings which is empowered in leading a healthy life. Aimed to showcase Microsoft Health’s power, the Microsoft Band tends to track heart rate, steps, calorie burn as well as sleep quality together with advanced, extremely innovative sensors and helps in being more productive with regards to email reviews and calendar alerts just at a glance.


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